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The Prayer to Save America is the same now as it was four years ago: “Deliver us from Obama”

How to tune out and mentally survive Obama’s State of Union Address

By —— Bio and Archives--January 24, 2012

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imageTonight the undocumented 44th President of the United States of America will deliver an absolutely partisan election-year call for a “return to American values” of economic fairness, in a State of the Union Address.

Like everything else he does, Soetoro-Obama’s State of the Union rests on the politics of ego, to be delivered to a captive audience among the kind of Hollywood props that have long marked his tiresome tenancy at the White House. 

There will be no draped crucifixes like there were at Notre Dame when the man who already forced the abortions of foreign lands on the American taxpayer and the one who was to go on to provide “free” birth control prescriptions to anyone who wants them, when he delivers his address tonight.  But that’s only because there are no crucifixes to cover in an already secular White House.

So much the Messiah in the minds of his manufacturers, the president’s advance team insisted that all religious symbols be covered in the place in which he was speaking at Notre Dame.  “Incredibly, Georgetown officials complied.  At the request of the White House,  university officials placed a cover over the letters IHS — the Greek abbreviation for the name of Jesus — during the president’s recent talk there.” (Rev. Robert Sirico, Detroit News, April 21, 2009). 

Obama’s props during delivery of tonight’s address will be of the live and squirmy kind.  A fawning, clown-like Joe Biden who’s losing facts about American pop culture as fast as his own hair follicles.  The tongue of a simpering Nancy Pelosi will dart out, serpent like to lick her seemingly perpetually dry lips, the same as she did during the last State of the Union address.

Michelle Obama will strive for the image that it is really SHE, and not Valerie Jarrett, who is is Obama’s main Go-to,  and now that her surly countenance is a topic gone viral on the Net,  she will put on her “Happy Face”.

If tonight’s address were to come with its own musical theme it would be the haunting one from Clint Eastwood’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Obama would strut to the speaker’s place draped in King George III ermine capes, wearing a lopsided crown listing leftward, emblazoned with the words, “The Fundamental Transformation of America”.

Even before he utters a single word, the mainstream media that reams out all-Obama propaganda, will be rushing videos and sound bites claiming it was the ‘State of the Union Address of the Century’.

While countless mothers try to stretch out the evening meal of Kraft dinner and rehearse their children to rush the door to welcome their father home from another unsuccessful day of landing a job, Obama will drone on about how everything is alright.  There will be jobs provided by him and only him; there will be government money to save the house and farm mortgage and food stamps for all who need them.

But everything is not alright, and there is nothing Obama can say that matters because the only words that count to patriots are the ones he should take back and bury with the dog’s backyard bone:  “The fundamental Transformation of America”.

It’s depressing to think that all television networks will televise Obama’s State of the Union address blitzing Small Town America, where fighting Obama has already taken a back seat to fighting Republican presidential candidates.

Tonight is one of those times when the need to transcend and exalt are necessary for mental survival.  No better mental picture to recall tonight than the one of George Washington knowing how he had sent the British running, even as he saw footprints in blood of the American patriots who won the day.

Tonight is time to reject the words, “The Fundamental Transformation of America” on Obama’s figurative lopsided crown.

The Prayer to Save America is the same now as it was four years ago: “Deliver us from Obama”.

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