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Time for the Tea Party to Become Tangible IV

I Pledge My Allegiance to the Charters of Freedom

By —— Bio and Archives November 3, 2009

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This column is the fourth installment of the series Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible. Parts I, II and III can be found in my CFP archives and I encourage you to read all of them in order to fully understand the strategy developing. - Most recent columns

In sum, the time for all American patriots to bind together in ONE united effort to seize control of their runaway federal government and return the nation to a constitutional foundation has arrived. We either do it peacefully and constitutionally NOW, or wait until we have no peaceful options left.

I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Charters of Freedom and to a nationwide patriot revolution to reinstate the US Constitution as the supreme law of this land, returning the United States Federal Government to its rightful position under the limited power and authority granted it in the US Constitution.

I further call on all American patriots across this great nation to join me in this peaceful and constitutional effort.


This nationwide initiative has only one initial goal, and that is to stop the current shredding of the Charters of Freedom, perpetrated under the false premise of some “greater good,”—stop the destruction and dismantling of the free-market economic system that made the USA the most FREE, prosperous, peaceful and generous nation on earth, and return control of our federal government to the people and the states respectively, in accordance with the Charters of Freedom.

Our goal is to return the United States to constitutional status. To uphold, defend and preserve the Constitution and confront ALL who have sought to destroy freedom, liberty, life and the right to define and pursue happiness individually.

The list of challenges and direct threats to the American way of life is endless, and growing by the hour. Socialized medicine, government run industry, amnesty for illegals, gun control, First Amendment attacks, the Copenhagen Treaty, Cap and Trade and the Global Warming Scam, punitive taxation, record spending and debt, it goes on and on. Most of these challenges can be solved by simply returning the nation to a constitutional government, preferably in an orderly fashion.

But none of it can be addressed until the people retake control of their federal government. To do that, a viable strategy is required.


I separate US citizens into only two groups. Those who love, believe in, support and defend the Charters of Freedom, and those who don’t. Race, creed, color and economic status have no bearing on the matter. All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator…

It’s now clear to most American citizens, that most career politicians in Washington DC do NOT respect or revere the Charters of Freedom at present. It’s equally clear that some 20-25% of American citizens also believe that there is a “good” greater than individual freedom and liberty. They are willing to destroy all things American in pursuit of their “greater good.”

Another 15-20% of the voting population have been misdirected and misled into supporting undefined promises of “hope” and “change” that have since been defined by the take over of banking, auto manufacturing, energy, food and water, and soon the entire health care system. The “changes” international leftists had in mind are NOT the kinds of “change” that many citizens had “hoped” for…

Combined, these groups were a voting majority in 2006 and 2008, and just as I had been predicting since 2004, these folks have thrown the nation into a tailspin towards a Global Marxist train wreck.

In order to stop the insanity and reverse course in time to save the United States from certain ruin, the people MUST act quickly and decisively, in a peaceful manner if possible.

Before they can take their government back, they must put themselves in a position of power to do so. It is our belief that they must first take control of America’s Conservative Party, the GOP, currently guided by a left-leaning RNC instead of the GOP Platform.

However, we encourage Democrats who are now aware that their party has been hijacked by the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA via their collective PAC, the Democratic Socialists of America, which now controls the US Congress by way of DSA subsidiaries, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus. We also encourage all Independents to choose a side in the struggle to preserve freedom…

To fully grasp the situation, study Democratic Socialists of Congress: Meet the Members.

Our national strategy is simple… Politicians are predictable. They are loyal to their supporters, and I don’t mean their voters. I am referring to the Golden Rule. He with the gold makes the rules in American politics at the moment… This too must change. But it can only change once the people regain control. Until then, we must win under their rules of engagement…

The Democratic Socialists of American control the Democrat Party today. They are backed by billions in international socialist funds. They are NOT available for the taking.

Third Party alternatives have never been able to gain a seat at the table, much less control anything at the table. They have only been able to fracture “the right” making it easier for the left to win unchallenged. These are the facts, whether you like them or not.

This means that the people’s only viable option at this late stage is to retake control of the GOP and RNC. Not as an end goal, but as a strategy for gaining the power necessary to regaining control of the federal government. All who believe in and revere the Charters of Freedom MUST unite in this effort. They must do so quickly, in a serious way, while the RNC is ripe for the taking!

Current leaders of the GOP have led the GOP into utter destruction. They must step down and make room for new conservative leadership. As I write, liberal RNC darling Dede Scozzafava announced that she is dropping out of the NY-23 race, unable to compete with the Patriot’s candidate Doug Hoffman.

“In recent days, polls have indicated that my chances of winning this election are not as strong as we would like them to be. The reality that I’ve come to accept is that in today’s political arena, you must be able to back up your message with money‚Äîand as I’ve been outspent on both sides, I’ve been unable to effectively address many of the charges that have been made about my record,” Scozzafava said in a statement.

Proving the point of Tea Party—912 and Town Hall folks across the country, faux Republican Scozzafava endorsed her leftist Democrat opponent after being defeated by the constitutional candidate, Hoffman. What does that say about the faux Republicans who endorsed Scozzafava?

This is exactly what MUST be done in every race across the nation. Leftists of ALL political affiliations MUST be removed from power. This and more IS our strategy! But don’t be fooled by leftist media efforts to further divide the right by promoting the 3rd Party movement again…


The leftists determined to “change” the United States into something completely anti-American, are united in that effort. Divided by a plethora of issues designed to divide the opposition, and seeking to give birth to a new 3rd party instead of retaking control of their own party, the right is no match for the Global Left!

But united, with a single purpose and a single solid strategy, which is already bearing fruit on a small scale in a few districts like NY-23 and Nevada, the people have the power to retake their country and they have the power to do it RIGHT NOW! They don’t even have to wait until November 2010…

Those who oppose the Charters of Freedom, life, liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness, are united in their rush to dismantle U.S. sovereignty, free-market prosperity and security.

ALL American patriots, those willing to protect and preserve the Charters of Freedom MUST immediately unite in formidable opposition. We have no time for partisan divisions put in place by the very people we oppose, for the sole purpose of keeping patriots divided.

Sending patriots to DC in a few districts is a very important start which has already proven that the people do indeed have the power to take their country back. Time is the issue….

One district and one race at a time, it would take several election cycles or maybe even a generation or two, to reverse course at the national level. But united, taking this power to a national level all at once, we can alter the course of history in almost an instant! While we advance true patriotic conservatives from the grassroots up, we must make the necessary changes at the top, or the rules stay the same.

It doesn’t matter what party affiliation you held before 2006. It only matters where you want this country to head today, tomorrow and for future generations, and how you plan to get there from here.

If you stand for the Charters of Freedom, then stand with us NOW!

While we complete the task of structuring an unimpeachable national organization capable of pulling off a national turning of the table, we need to know how much support we really have.

Two Possible Outcomes

The people will unite in a national strategy to retake control of the runaway Fed, or they will continue to watch as Global Socialists tear this nation apart, fundamental right by fundamental right. The people will either unite in peaceful opposition now, or wait until only an armed rebellion will save their nation.

Peaceful and Tangible!

If ten million American patriots will commit $100 each to this mission, that is a $1 BILLION war chest, with which we can reinstate constitutional government. We must first return the GOP to its constitutional platform, and then use that power structure to retake control of the federal government and return it to the people, under the supreme law of this land, the US Constitution. I can think of no more important task at this moment in history…

Our fight is about FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Nothing else… If the USA is no longer free, freedom will exist nowhere on earth.

I have received thousands of supportive emails on this series and strategy. We have not yet asked anyone to send a penny anywhere, and in fact, have advised people NOT to send money anywhere yet, other than directly to patriotic candidates of their choice.

Before we ask anyone to send a penny to this initiative, we are first seeking to quickly build a data base of patriotic supporters and gather a financial commitment or pledge so that we can gauge whether or not patriots are ready to unite in the cause of freedom. The people have the power, if they will unite and use it!

Recognizing that supportive email will likely outnumber actual pledges, and that pledges will likely outpace actual contributions, we have established a minimum pledge level of $10,000,000—below this target amount, there is NO NEED in going forward.

Before we ask anyone to send a penny, we must have pledges in excess of $10,000,000 and we must get those pledges by November 11, 2009. Our goal date for hitting that mark is November 11, 2009. We not only need your pledge, we need it fast. We need to know that the people are prepared to take unified tangible action. We need to know that the people have moved beyond complaining and protesting.


Just yesterday, I heard about one of the major Tea Party—912 or Town Hall organizations (which I won’t name) trying to raise money to PAY Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus private jet and Five Star limo and hotel services, just to come speak to their little group.

I was SHOCKED to hear that any Tea Party—912 or Town Hall organizer would waste hard-raised money on such folly while people are begging for other’s to stop wasting their money! There was even talk of charging patriotic citizens $50,000 each for a ten minute ride in the limo with one of these celebrities.... I was OUTRAGED!

The people need to grasp a new concept… When THEY hold power, we have to pay them to talk to us. But when WE hold power, they are eager to listen to us, no charge!

I like both Beck and Palin, but what a WASTE of the people’s hard-earned money. We have done enough talking already. Nobody is listening… What will another expensive meet-n-greet accomplish?

Our “people’s” organization will have an operating budget made public to all supporters with full financial disclosure. It will also operate with an operating budget never to exceed 5% of funds collected, with at least 95% of all funds collected going directly towards supporting candidates who have signed a pledge to represent the Charters of Freedom and the will of Tea Party—912 and Town Hall patriots across the country.

If Beck or Palin want to speak to our group, or join our group, they are welcome. But we will not pay them to join us, much less to sign autographs.

Candidates who do not believe that the Constitution means exactly what it says, or that it is indeed the supreme law of this land, need not apply!

All candidates seeking support from the organization MUST sign a pledge to the principles and values found in the Charters of Freedom, and agree to use every vote while in office, to advance the cause of freedom and liberty, or oppose all measures at odds with those principles and values as they arise.

If you believe in this national initiative, we ask you to visit this Pledge Site and register your pledge immediately. If we do not have the pledges necessary to move ahead within the next SEVEN days, this project will not go forward and nobody will be asked to send a penny. The people working around the clock to put this thing together will eat the costs at that point and go no further.

This project WILL NOT launch without a minimum of $10,000,000 pledged to the mission defined.

Please forward this column to everyone you know and ask them to sign in and make a pledge, then send it to everyone they know.

We know that some cannot spare $100 at this moment, while others can afford to pledge a lot more. The pledge amount box is open so that you can enter any amount you want. This is not a competition to see who can give the most and people who can give more are no more valuable than those who give all they can.

It’s what we can do together that matters. Not where we came from, but where we are going as a nation.

Only very basic information is needed with your pledge.

Your legal name
Confirmation that you are a US Citizen
Your state of current residence
An email address where we can keep you up on progress
Your pledge amount

As we see it, this is the only viable strategy at this hour, and if the people fail to unite behind this peaceful solution, no matter their reasons, no other peaceful solution can succeed.

There are more than 2000 individual local patriot movements underway and they are ALL vital to the future of this country. We need them to keep doing what they are doing.

But all of them are under-funded and none of them have the power to force the kinds of change necessary to save this nation in its eleventh hour. We have reviewed all major initiatives and this is our collective opinion. We want to work with all legit patriot movements. But we must unite the masses in an organization that functions independently of those movements. There is NO room for division in our strategy and divisions exist in the many movements across the country.

Nothing we do will attract every patriot. The right has been divided for some time and it is no easy task to unite the right today. Still, if the right hopes to preserve freedom and liberty, they will have to unite!

Please take a moment to make your pledge today and then send this to everyone you know. In the meantime, as we collect pledges for a national initiative, please refer to Tangible Tea Party Tactics and take direct individual actions on the local level.

Register and make your pledge here, now…

Divided, we cannot save this nation. But united, we can do anything! We can do it peacefully, or wait until peaceful options no longer exist. The time to choose the course of history has arrived… Choose wisely…

As I promised in Part I of this series, I was the first to make a pledge!

Join us at and DO IT NOW! Make your pledge today!

The next installment in this series will be issued after the November 11, 2009 pledge deadline! I pray that we will have good news to report at that time!

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