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There is a definite threat that the Rights and Freedoms that generations of Canadians have fought and died for will be lost for good

Inalienable Rights and Freedoms have no defenders in the Supreme Court of Canada

By --December 9, 2012

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EMBRUN, Ontario Canada—- On Thursday, December 6, 2012, jurisprudence and the inherent, INALIENABLE Rights and Freedoms, so cherished by the majority of Canadians, were tossed out the window with the bathwater when the Supreme Court of Canada rejected the application by Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson, to have the Russell Township Bilingual Sign Bylaw ruling overturned.

Canadians for Language Fairness Spokesperson, Beth Trudeau who is also a resident of Russell Township, explains;

“First, the preliminary court judge turned out to be a KNOWN French activist in the judiciary and should have recused herself. Next the three Appeal Court Judges acknowledged that a sign bylaw DID infringe on individual rights and freedoms, but that individual rights and freedoms could be trampled for a collective cause that THEY believed in. However, perhaps the most unnerving of all, is the fact that the three UNELECTED Supreme Court justices who determined whether or not the case would be heard at the highest court in Canada, did not even have to justify or explain their shocking ruling”.

Even though the Municipal Act itself, in conjunction with section 4, section 9 of the Municipal Act, expresses that the municipalities only have the same rights, powers, privileges, and capacities of the natural person and that they also only have the same authority as a natural person and that a natural person cannot commit trespass on to private property, the Supreme Court justices decided that municipalities can now have ultra vires (or beyond their power) powers au contraire to the Municipal Act.

Any and all of these reasons should have triggered a hearing at the highest court in the land, and that is not even mentioning how Bilingual Sign By-laws are contrary to Section 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how Section 1 is a notwithstanding clause for the judiciary to use and which was wrongfully invoked by the Appeal Court judges in their decision wrong because it was never mentioned, much less debated, in court as protocol and procedure demands.

“If people believe this is a language issue, they are so wrong. Canadians MUST understand that INALIENABLE rights and freedoms mean that there are specific rights and freedoms that are given to us from GOD and that man cannot be allowed to legislate them. Once we allow man to legislate them, they are no longer inalienable and if man can give us rights, he can take them away, which is why they MUST be kept INALIENABLE”, stresses Trudeau. “A bilingual sign bylaw not only infringes on Freedom of Speech, but is an attack on PRIVATE PROPERTY rights, also an INALIENABLE right. If we allow man to tell us what language to use on our private business signs, whats to stop man from dictating what message we must put on our sign If we allow municipalities the power to dictate what to put on our private signs, whats to stop them from dictating what else we are allowed to do on our own private property”.

“It will be very interesting to see whether or not Russell Township will now rescind the sign bylaw”, adds Trudeau. “Russell Township booted out the three politicians the next municipal election, who forced this by-law on us (even though the committee that they formed told them NOT to do it) and kept the two politicians who voted against the sign by-law. The excuse that Russell Township was not able to rescind the by-law until the court hearings were complete can no longer be used. I have it on very good authority that a motion to rescind the by-law will be forthcoming very shortly and that two of the politicians from Embrun, will be voting to have it rescinded. That will leave it up to one of the two politicians (both representing town of Russell and who voted against the by-law the first time round) to support having it rescinded. The Russell candidates votes were not needed to pass the by-law in 2008 and had they opted to vote in favour of the by-law, they would have been booted out too, as they very well knew”.

She is concerned about wolf in sheep’s clothing and has good reason for concern. If one goes to Russell Townships web site one will see a letter from Mayor JP St. Pierre about the decision and there is not one whisper of rescinding the sign by-law.

Meanwhile, the Municipality continues to ignore their own by-law passed in the 1980s when they declared themselves officially bilingual, which applied to all municipal buildings. Municipal buildings in Embrun which, almost thirty years later, still only have Municipal signs, like Poste du Pompier, Centre Recreatif, and Salle de Quilles.

“Not to mention the fact that Russell Township is not following through on the implementation of the sign by-law. La Maison des Arts put up a free standing sign after the sign by-law was passed. The top sign is the name. The bottom, neon sign, carries the message, and it is the message that the by-law insists must be in both French and English. The message is changed frequently and is always unilingual French. There is speculation that they have not been charged with an infraction because of the fact that they received funding for their sign because of the fact they are a French organization, along with the fact that they run the daycare in the local public school and therefore the by-law does not apply to them”,  points out Trudeau.

“French language extremists like the husband and wife who were fluently bilingual and yet ended up suing Air Canada, and winning, over the insult of being spoken to in English, are of great concern. If local extremists such as FAFO (la federation des aines francophones) decide to continue the harassment that they have subjected many English businesses in Russell Township to since 2007, and go into stores that they know are English, I totally believe they will sue that company for false advertising and win”, declares Trudeau.

If Canadians do not wake up, join up and join in, there is a definite threat that the Rights and Freedoms that generations of Canadians have fought and died for, will be lost for good and that our grandchildren will not know, or enjoy, life as we have known and cherished it to be. Shame on us!

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