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Time to stop playing around and to stand up for our law, constitution and the American people

Is it time for a Honduran type response to Obama?  I say YES

By —— Bio and Archives--April 13, 2010

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Media,  US Politicians and Military leaders,  it is time to stop playing around and to stand up for our law,  constitution and the American people.  Must we all move to Honduras to be represented and protected?  It is most evident that there is a usurper in the White House and it certainly has nothing to do with his color and everything to do with what appears to be endless lies and cover up as to his birth place and past.

Obama knows that he is covering up major ‘President stopping’  stuff in his life.  Why else would he spend nearly 2 million dollars in legal fees to cover all his college records,  passport and birth certificate records?  Something is rotten and festering and the nation knows it.  HOW COME MEMBERS OF CONGRESS,  MAJOR MEDIA AND OUR LEADERS DON’T KNOW IT OR WORSE, DO KNOW IT AND STILL WON’T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Remember not that long ago the world watched as then President Manual Zelaya attempted to break the law and constitution of the Honduran people, manipulating the election with massive fraud and cover up so he could stay in power.  He was very good buddies with Chavez (as Obama is) who pulled the same thing and has a dictatorship of power in Venezuela.  The Supreme Court and Government were 1000% right to arrest and kick him out of power immediately.  He was planning to turn their thriving democracy into a dictatorship and they wouldn’t have it.  My hat is off to the Honduran people!

Immediately we saw Obama and Hillary stand boldly behind Zelaya and demand his return to power.  Never mind,  Zelaya was completely in error and violating his people and law.  It was one of the many moments of shame I have felt with our President. 

I thought it and said it then on my national radio show and I will say it again, especially now.  I think Obama was so strongly behind Zelaya though the facts were 1000% against him,  because he saw his potential future coming.  Obama wants to also transform our country into a socialist dictatorship of massive controlling and sustainable proportions.  Regardless of his reckless socialist and anti-American agenda,  I too believe it is more than clear with all the evidence that has amassed over the last few years that Obama is committing fraud by acting as President. 

The proof is everywhere from statements and affidavits from Government parliament sources and Obama’s own Grandmother who says she saw him born in a hospital in Mombassa Kenya.  The former ambassador to Kenya says Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya, so do others.  Check out the affidavits at and join Phil Berg and other concerned citizens for a huge eligibility protest march May 29th 12-4pm. Details are on his web site. 

Democrat, Phillip Berg has researched this intensely, and was the first to sue Obama over his eligibility issue due to the constitutional crisis he saw our country facing.  Though he had no desire to hurt his party,  he knew his party had picked a candidate that wasn’t a natural born citizen and it would hurt America and our constitution if he was elected.  I have interviewed Phil Berg on this for over a year on my show.  We have both been shocked and horrified how the media does nothing but name calling and ‘tin helmet talk,’  when it is most clear there is a crisis here for all.

Now,  it is officially out that Kenyan officials are confirming that Obama is ‘son of this soil’ referring to his birth in Kenya.  Kenyan MP, James Orengo, asked the nation’s parliament only last month,  “How could a young man born here in Kenya,  who is not even a native American,  become the president of America?’  None of the many statements in Nov. 5, 2008 established exactly where he was born, but the did officially verify that he was born there.  MP Millie Odhiambo said “The president-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country.  Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win…”  Even Michelle Obama, speaking to a gay and lesbian group in 2008 slipped up apparently and talked about going back to Obama’s home country in Kenya.  Naturally,  the spin out, now that her recorded talk has gone viral on the Internet, is that she was referring to his family,  not Barrack.  What about the sea of others and officials now? 

Forget Obama’s birth certificate.  He ain’t going to show it until a Judge demands that.  So far,  it seems our Judges are largely gutless wonders.  With the latest wave of Kenyan parliament statements verifying Obama was born in Kenya, along with the sea of others before that,  is there no Judge that might require him to simply show his birth certificate? Naturally,  we all know Obama cannot show one that will show he was born in the US? 

Why all the protection of him even if the outcome is awkward and spawns a constitutional crisis?  We are already in a huge crisis when you consider there is a usurper in the White house who is signing executive orders,  draconian health laws into existence and sending soldiers off to war.  ALL OF THOSE ACTIONS,  LAWS AND DIRECTIVES ARE FRAUDULENT AND VOID OF STANDING.  Once Obama is thrown out,  we will have to start legally undoing everything he has touched AND pursue legal accountability with him for his lies and cover up. 

Remember President Nixon.  He made a mistake of snooping and recording people he shouldn’t have.  That wasn’t the big, career-ending event, though,  IT WAS THE COVER UP AND SEA OF LIES THAT FOLLOWED. 

Yes,  it will be awkward, embarrassing to us and the world and painful to fix what Obama has done, BUT WE MUST, AS A COUNTRY, CONFRONT THIS AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. 

We must demand that our congress,  our Generals and authorities demand Obama either show his birth certificate,  proving all these official statements and affidavits aren’t true, or he be escorted from office and charged with sedition, fraud and treason.

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