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Is there any sanity or decency left in Obama Health Care?

By —— Bio and Archives March 2, 2010

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Wake Up America

Based on FOX news March 1 interview of Senator Grassley, the current Democratic party attempt to push through it’s monster of a Health Care bill can only remind us of Frankenstein, the “monster” that resulted from an attempt to sew together numerous unmatched body parts. That didn’t go so well. This insane assemblage of Pelosi and Reid can’t be expected to turn out any better.


As the Senate did not accept the House bill and the House will not accept the Senate bill this is the current Democratic leadership’s strategy to make their unhealthy bill the law of our land:

The Senate is urged to pass the House bill under reconciliation while the House is urged to pass the Senate bill and somehow,  in the course of all this, a final Obama bill will be signed. In other words, there is not one legitimate final bill!

What’s wrong with this picture:

  1. Indications are that the “balanced budget” justification of this bill may now be based on a tax on “Cadillac” Plans - which won’t go into effect until 2018 (thus saving face with union and government workers who may be subject to this tax.)
  2. How can you fund a body of costly law on an forestalled income basis that is delayed for 8 years?!
  3. How can you in conscience undertake this action in the face of an economic crisis?
  4. And- in the history of law - Reconciliation has never been used for passage of a bill into law that does not even have one final agreed to set of contents!!!

AND there is still no agreement on a final bill, but, rather, that reconciliation be used to give the appearance of successful passage of an unacceptable bill to be further altered, amended or otherwise revised.

This is a travesty of the Constitution, due legal process without regard whatsoever for the clear will of the people, nor the life and death issue this represents for millions of Americans nationwide.

WHAT CAN BE DONE in the face of this lack of integrity or ethics or plain common sense?

Let your Congressmen and Senators know that you realize what the Democratic leadership are up to! TELL them that it is now transparently evident that the race to pass this bill has nothing to do with caring for the health of Americans.

Let them know that you know that it is a patchwork of fabrications being glued together while it races through in its aims to serve the special interests of influential elements in the Democratic party.

How hard will you work to defeat any YES voters in the Senate or the House who would support the passage of this foolhardy party prop? Then, tell your Congressmen that any future in Washington is over for those who support this ludicrous strategy. Let them know you promise to help inform others, in their district and state, of their Representative (or Senator) disregard for the well being of their constituents - if they support this preposterous cause.

And, if, as many are being promised, they leave office to accept some permanent appointment in this new government that will not keep them from public scrutiny for their ill advised action.

W.A.M. (Wake Up America Movement is now preparing to launch a new 2010 Election Reform website.)

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