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Blurring the line between religion and state by promoting Islam

Islam in America: Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

By —— Bio and Archives May 20, 2008

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A great, big “Thank You” and tip’o'the hat to a very good friend of the Northeast Intelligence Network living in the great “North Star State” ( L’étoile du Nord) of Minnesota for alerting us to the following information. Folks, this is Islam in America. Pure, atypical, run-of-the-mill, plain as day Islam.

First, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune reports that the Minnesota Department of Education is calling-out the Muslim Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), a public charter school, accusing it of “blurring the line between religion and state by promoting Islam.” Of course the Muslims at Tarek ibn Ziyad, true to their al-taqiyya form, deny everything. Apparently the academy is in violation of Minnesota state law by allowing Friday Muslim prayers on school grounds. This is in addition to the daily 5-minute prayers in the school between Monday and Thursday. The Friday Islamic prayer session lasts for a half-hour and results in the students not meeting state requirements for total time under classroom instruction. The Star Tribune report also points out that “Letting teachers participate, even though they don’t lead prayers, may give students the impression that the school endorses Islam.” Du-uh, ya think? The prayers and the teachers’ presence is probably a mandatory requirement per the local “rightly guided” Imam. I mean, really, is there any question that the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy doesn’t endorse Islam?

Then there’s issue the Minnesota Department of Education has with Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy’s bus schedule. To quote the report:

“The school does not provide busing for students immediately after classes, instead it waits until the end of after-school activities, which include a religious studies course run by the Muslim American Society that more than half the students take.”

Hmmm. According to school director Asad Zaman this is a “minor” concern. Another atypical example of Islamic al-taqiyya. What this Star Tribune report is all about is Islamic indoctrination of children in a PUBLICLY FUNDED school, a school which by law must be nonsectarian. It is irrelevant that 80 to 90 percent of the student body is Muslim. The 1991 initiative which created these schools in Minnesota was for the purpose of “independent public schools focused on improving academic achievement and creating new, different and innovative learning environments; teaching methodologies; assessments; accountability systems; and professional development opportunities for teachers.”

And then there was the Inver Grove Heights police department response yesterday when school officials “scuffled” with a KSTP-TV (Channel 5) news and camera crew which had arrived on this school’s public property unannounced, injuring the camerman in the process. Watch the KSTP-TV video of the Islamic (i.e. peaceful Muslim) school officials attacking the TV crew HERE. A still frame from the video is seen in the image up above.

How many of you good people in Minnesota are outraged? I’m just a guy in Jersey, but this kind of Islamic rubbish ticks me off deluxe.

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Sean Osborne, is the Associate Director, Military Affairs, Northeast Intelligence Network.

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