Social Good Summit in New York is just one more example of the nonstop networking between technology, radical environmental, government and foundation groups towards a communitarian-style global government

By —— Bio and Archives September 21, 2011

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Sponsored by Mashable, the UN and 92Y, this week’s “Social Good Summit” in New York is just one more example of the nonstop networking between technology, radical environmental, government and foundation groups towards a communitarian-style global government for your own “good.” As with most of their social justice and environmental efforts, “good” is always in the title, as opposed to the “bad” people not going along for the ride.

Just a few of the many speakers teaching us how to properly use social media to achieve global goodness (as defined by them, of course), we find:

Listening in on just a few of the segments from the first day’s presentations, we heard many of the usual phrases in the segment from Youthquake, like “shift the global paradigm” and green-change-green-change-social media-green-change. Of course, the point was made that religion is dividing us, which always fits in well with the global New Age one world utopian religion, too.

The We First segment promoted the partnership of business with social justice and sustainability to alter their products for “good.” Examples included a portion of proceeds going to a cause (one of theirs, of course) or the actual altering of a product for “good” such as Michelle Obama’s menu altering ideas. In other words, you are forced to support causes that may not be your own if you wish to buy the product. This is a creative way of controlling people’s daily lives without having to go through a legislative process.

Even more goodness can be found during the week on their Digital Media Lounge page, with presentations from Oxfam, Greenpeace, Earth Institute, World Bank and many more.

This blending of organizations and UN milennium goals sounds like the communitarian philosophy, which according to many, is what might be called “communism lite.”

According to online columnist Nancy Levant:

And the bottom line is this: Communitarian Law eliminates ALL rights of individuals for 1) the common good, and 2) for the “security” of the global governing elite - nothing more—nothing less. It sets up a 2-class system of governors and the governed, or in simplified terms, the rich overlords and the rabble. Communitarianism is high-tech Communism.

J. Gill has this to add:

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: any time you see or hear the words “common good”—even in your church—you know it’s Communitarianism and Fabian influence at work, and be very, very alarmed.

This quickly growing alliance between social media, government and corporations is becoming a dangerous force for “your own good.”

Undoubtedly, many of these groups sincerely believe they are doing good and believe that they are in a position to decide what the definition of “good” for society should be. However, for the rest of us that value our freedom and prefer to make our own choices about how we live our lives and how we go about helping others, this quickly growing alliance between techies, government and corporations is becoming a very threatening force for “your own good.”

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