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False prophet Barack Hussein Obama

Jews-for-Obama, you are delusional!

By —— Bio and Archives--September 28, 2012

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First, let me introduce a bit of dry statistics.

There are 6 million Jews in the United States of America; 3 million of them—adults. The latest polls invariably show that approximately 75% of them would vote for Barack Hussein Obama on November 6.

Translated into plain English, that means that 2 million 250 thousand American Jews are absolutely and incorrigibly delusional!

Several million Jews are delusional?! How could it be? Isn’t it a ridiculous oxymoron? Aren’t Jews supposed to be one of the smartest people on earth? Isn’t the author of this article a secret anti-Semite?

Well, I can assure everybody that I’m not an anti-Semite, since I’m a Jew myself. And not a self-hating Jew, like, say, Noam Chomsky or George Soros.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen Jews of every imaginable kind, sort, color, and hue: Russian, Ukrainian, Indian, Ethiopian, Kurdish, Polish, Iraqi, Iranian, Romanian, etc, etc, etc. I lived and worked in several countries, including Israel; and denizens of those countries—whether they liked Jews or not—always agreed on one point: Jews are smart!

At the end of my travels around the world, I came to America, home to the greatest congregation of Jews—all prosperous, all industrious, all educated. Not only hadn’t I had any doubts about intellectual capacity of American Jews, but I had considered them to be the cleverest, the most sophisticated, the most advanced Jews in the world.

And the truth is—they are the cleverest, they are the most sophisticated, and they are the most advanced. American Jews are great scientists, inventive engineers, industrious businessmen, gifted university lecturers, skillful doctors, dedicated public servants, talented writers, artists, and composers…

Consider, for instance, the Jewish founders and/or CEO’s of the most spectacular high-tech and Internet-based companies—the companies, without which we simply couldn’t imagine the contemporary world:

Larry Ellison (Oracle);
Michael Dell (Dell Computers);
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft);
Andrew Grove (Intel);
Sergey Brin (Google);
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook);
James Wales and Larry Sanger (Wikipedia);
Terry Semel and Andrei Broder (Yahoo).
Jeff Scoll (eBay).

Would these and other highly intelligent and talented Jewish entrepreneurs vote for Obama? For Obama, who has never run any business (if you do not consider the business of repeatedly running his own mouth)? For Obama, who despises entrepreneurs (both Jewish and non-Jewish), and proclaims that they “didn’t build” their businesses since it’s the mighty Government that did it?

Alas, judging by the inexplicable political affiliation of American Jews, most of whom are life-long Democrats, they probably would.

Would the numerous American-Jewish Nobel Prize winners, who have literally spent their lives trying to penetrate secrets of physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics, vote for Obama? For Obama who has gotten his Nobel Prize for just shouting several nice-sounding speeches to the naïve and gullible audiences around the world?

Yes, in all probability, they would.

Would Jews, who traditionally hold in high esteem such intellectual categories as profound knowledge and firm grasp of history, geography, languages, and literature, vote for Obama? For the ignorant Obama, who said that America had 57 States; who thinks that in Austria they speak “the Austrian language” and the Afghan people speak Arabic; who confuses the Malvinas Islands in the Atlantic with the Maldives in the Indian Ocean; who thinks the Hawaii are in Asia; and who doesn’t know how to pronounce the simple word corpse-man?

75% of them definitely would, though I suspect that some of them would enter the voting booth holding their noses.

And then there is the burning issue of Israel and its survival—the issue, close to the heart of every Jew in America.

You, the Jewish Democrats! you, the Jewish life-long liberals! you, the so called progressive Jews in the media and academia! you, the Jews-for-Obama!—can you say confidently and honestly that Obama is friend of the only functioning democracy in the Middle East—Israel? That he would do everything in his power to prevent the crazy Iranian mullahs from getting their bloody hands on a nuclear bomb?

Doesn’t Obama’s repeated refusal to draw red lines for the Iran’s march to the bomb convince you that he lies proclaiming that “all options are on the table”, including military strikes against Iranian atomic facilities? Well, lies are common means in the Obama’s arsenal of political games. The known black conservative Mycal Massie describes vividly that arsenal, consisting of “lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge, and obfuscation”. Mr. Massie added: Obama detests Israel, and by all indications, he is selling her out on Iran”.

A friend of mine, a knowledgeable observer of the American political scene, told me once that there’s literally nothing that could convince Jews-for-Obama to abandon their White House Messiah. I asked him: “Suppose, Obama proclaims that Israel must allow 4 million Arabs to settle in Israel? Would that declaration lower the Jewish support for Obama?” My friend answered: “Yes, it would. The 75% support would drop to 73%.” I continued: “Suppose, Obama declares that he agrees that Iran has the right to have a nuclear bomb.” My friend said: “Well, it would lower the Jewish support by another 5 points, bringing it to 68%.” Then I went, as they say, for the jugular; I asked: “Finally, if Obama makes a public announcement that he is an admirer of Hitler and doesn’t believe that the Fuehrer had been responsible for the Holocaust, how would it effect the Jews-for-Obama’s voting pattern?” My friend laughed: “Alex,” he said, “don’t be naïve. You simply do not understand that unique phenomenon which name is Jews-for-Obama. Their support for the false prophet Barack Hussein Obama would still be around 60%.”

I do not know the roots of the American-Jewish devotion to the Democratic Party, in general, and to Obama, in particular. There’re several theories about this phenomenon—none of them too convincing. Pure logic dictates that the proper place for American Jews is the Republican Party that is represented now by the decent man and talented entrepreneur Mitt Romney—the party of citizen’s liberty, growth of national wealth, capitalistic entrepreneurship, mighty military, moral rectitude, and strong defense of Israel.


But try and tell that to Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor, author of numerous books, and a distinguished member of that strange crowd whose name is Jews-for-Obama. In one of his articles, titled No Buyer’s Remorse for Voting for Obama, he wrote: Several months ago, President Obama invited me to the Oval Office to discuss his Iran strategy. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘I don’t bluff’.”

The mendacious President looked in the eye of the delusional Liberal, and pronounced one of his numerous lies. And the famous Harvard professor believed him wholeheartedly, and confirmed that he was going to vote for Obama once again.

That’s why I named this article—Jews-for-Obama, you are delusional!

Alexander Levkovsky -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Alex Levkovsky was born in the former Soviet Union. Graduated from an Aircraft Institute, and worked as an aircraft engineer. Alex has written twenty-two scripts for scientific and documentary movies, out of which sixteen have been produced. Alex emigrated to Israel and the USA, where worked as an engineer.  Alex has lived and worked in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Israel, and America and has profound knowledge of political, economic, cultural, literary, and historical aspects of life in those countries. Served as a reservist in the Israeli Defense Force.

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