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What and who is behind Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and what will the American people have to give up more than we already have?

Julian Assange throws out bigger threats –Time to outfox him

By —— Bio and Archives--December 6, 2010

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What is going on here?  Are we walking through the pre production set of the next big Science Fiction horror flick where the weird,  nerdy bad guy threatens then takes over the world?  Apparently Julian Assange thinks he is that guy and can stand up to the US,  threatening our very national security.  He has already released a quarter of a million of state and commercial secrets which threaten our relationship and correspondence flow with allies and other dangerous and ‘meant to be private’  proprietary conversations.  This has hurt us in a variety of ways and puts officials,  heads of state and our national security at risk.  Assange and WikiLeaks thought it was entertainment and 1st amendment rights.  Relationships be dammed.  National Security be double dammed.  Julian Assange be damned!

Now he threatens the US with a ‘doomsday file’ if he is at all detained or arrested by anyone.  These files have been already circulated around the Internet with an encrypted ‘poison pill’  inserted in them that computer experts say can not be broken.  These can only be opened by a key that Julian Assange has.  Doesn’t this sound like the next Sci Fi flick?  Instead it is horrifyingly real as the weird,  geeky,  sex pervert guy,  who faces arrest in Sweden for alleged sex crimes,  is flipping off the US and thinks he has us all wrapped around his finger now.  Does he?

This whole scenario brings to mind more than a few critical questions.  My obvious gut reaction is ‘WHO IN THE WORLD DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS AND WHY WOULD WE BE INTIMIDATED BY HIM DUE TO MORE THREATS?

Regardless of his ‘mad scientist’ poison pill threats to release more uncensored documents,  investigators should go after him like ‘white on rice’  and arrest him.  If he wants and plans to damage America again, he will no doubt do this whether we arrest him or not.  After all,  he thought the first round of releases was his right and just plain fun, without an arrest, SO WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF WE ARREST HIM OR NOT?  HE WILL CONTINUE TO RELEASE DANGEROUS AND PRIVATE DOCUMENTS ANYWAY!

Regardless of the ‘1st amendment confused/criminal actions’  of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks,  it is clear that no one,  no country,  no company,  no one should ever have power to trump us,  blackmail us,  move us around on a game board for their agendas,  ever!  If we have to,  we must take the heat and crush him like a mad fly.

My eyes are rolling into the back of my head as I ask the other obvious question.  WHY ARE SUCH SENSITIVE AND PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS/DOCUMENTS MADE PUBLIC IN THE FIRST PLACE…..ESPECIALLY IN A TIME OF WAR?  I feel strongly that anyone in the domino line of gross incompetence, greed and betrayal who was part of the leaks should also be fired and arrested.

Now the word is the Assange ‘poison pill’  yet to be released if he gets the heat,  has to do with military papers on Guantanamo Bay,  which haven’t been published yet.  Once again this is alleged to have been supplied by the mad ‘gay’ soldier guy,  Bradley Manning,  who was already arrested back in May.  There are also talks Assange will release a video of a US air strike in Afghanistan which killed civilians and even Bank of America documents.  There is no telling what else will explode in our faces.

What should our response be? 

If we actually had a President and administration with any courage and leadership ability we would see a quick and severe reaction and challenge back to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for the first quarter of a million released docs and now the new threats.  Instead,  we see a President obsessed with attacking and insulting the American people as domestic terrorists and fighting the mythological ‘overseas contingency operation.’

I’m all for 1st amendment freedoms and the freedom of information act.  I am protective and thrilled we are not a secretive and communist society,  BUT,  there is never an excuse for leaks between to top level officials or heads of state regarding sensitive national security issues.  People from low down the totem poll to high up should be arrested immediately if not tried for treason.

I know this may sound like Tim Helmet talk, but I strongly feel that this WikiLeaks continued threat that keeps building like a time bomb will be used and manipulated by our administration to take more freedoms,  first amendment and Internet speech rights away.  Already some are talking about the ‘danger’  and lack of privacy on the Internet.

Regardless of what happens with the ‘explorations’  and ‘administrative research’ on all this,  Obama and the progressive left hate talk radio,  conservative forums and journals on the Internet and the heartland of America.  Also remember,  Obama is trained and has taught ‘Rules for Radicals’  to Acorn workers.  He and Hillary both are MOST clear about how to manipulate and create crises to achieve their controlling and draconian goals.  They will if we let them.  We must not and we won’t.

What and who is behind Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and what will the American people have to give up more than we already have?

Dr. Laurie Roth -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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