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Meanwhile, the Obamas are not so much the First Family as they are The Family That Always Puts Itself First

King of Blah, Blah, Blah Blabbing Away in Margaritaville

By —— Bio and Archives--March 11, 2014

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King of Blah, Blah, Blah Blabbing Away in Margaritaville

Don’t know whether Malia and Sasha Obama are learning at their private school, but through their parents,  are they learning that life is one never-ending holiday with the bill footed by the public purse?

In today’s high tech society, the phone keeps the business of the day running for many.  For Barack Obama, it’s key to his Artful Dodger, never-take-accountability-for-anything, I-didn’t-know until I saw-it-on-the-news-like-you-did, style.

Don’t let he tragedies of life on earth interfere with the never-ending lavish holidays of America’s so-called ‘First Family’.

Daddy O,  who’s got a pen and a phone, will undoubtedly pass along appropriate words of sympathy over the phone to the grief-stricken loved ones of all souls missing on Flight MH370.

With Social Media keeping their names on the lips of the masses, Western leaders don’t have to break a sweat to stay relevant.  Like Britain’s David Cameron, currently in hot pursuit of trying to double his Facebook “Likes’, they keep in touch via ‘Selfies’.

But when it comes to outright hedonism,  where else in modern world history has any ‘First Family’ displayed such self-centered behaviour while surrounded by the human misery of so many others?

Satellite pictures sent world wide show the Obamas gobbling up shaved ice and hamburgers as greedily as they gobble up taxpayer money for their lavish, never-ending, globe-trotting holidays.

With the exception of his first official trip to snow-bound Ottawa in 2009, it’s almost always summer wherever Obama is.

If private sector CEOs ran their business 99% by telephone like Obama does the presidency, they would soon be sent packing.

Between partying, golfing, shooting hoops and dining out, Obama checks in by phone to give the impression that he’s running the show, a habit that he brought with him into the Oval Office from day one.

Presiding by phone is the one thing that has never changed in his faux promise of Hope & Change. 

Some three days after the ‘Underwear Bomber’ was caught in the air on approach to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, Obama finally checked in by telephone—from vacation in Hawaii.

Now he’s “consulting” with world leaders on the Ukraine from a 4-day vacation in Key Largo, Florida.

“Obama held individual conversations with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande. He also held a conference call with Latvian President Andris Berzins, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite and Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. (AP, March 8, 2014)

“On the conference call, Obama reaffirmed the United States’ “unwavering commitment” to its collective defense commitments under NATO and “enduring support for the security and democracy of our Baltic allies,” the White House said. It said the Baltic leaders welcomed the additional support.

Poland, part of the Baltic States, too had its missile defence shield cancelled by Obama in 2009, and now apparently doesn’t rate a phone call. 

“In his talks with Cameron, Hollande and Renzi, Obama welcomed the unified position of the United States and the European Union on Russian actions in Ukraine, including by the European Council, which is made up of EU leaders. The council voted this week to condemn Russia’s action, demand the immediate withdrawal of its forces and seek access to Crimea for international monitors.”(AP)

But while Obama’s blah, blah, blah, makes him the Leader of Blab, Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing what he wants, claiming he has the right to “protect Russian interests” and “the rights of ethnic Russians in Crimea”.

How seriously should German Chancellor Angela Merkel, take a conversation with Obama after he arrived in tropical Key Largo, with his wife and daughters for a weekend vacation?

In ten days, Michelle Obama, about whom the biggest news is that she’s sporting new blonde streaks, will travel to China with her mother and two daughters in tow.

What can Michelle, her mother and two daughters do to alleviate the suppressed people of Communist China during their trip?

Diddly squat.

Meanwhile, the Obamas are not so much the First Family as they are The Family That Always Puts Itself First.

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