Update: Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III remains in a Monroe County jail

By —— Bio and Archives April 5, 2010

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As of this release, retired Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III remains in a Monroe County jail. In an interview with Madisonville Mayor Watson moments ago, the mayor confirmed that Mr. Fitzpatrick has not yet been released from custody after his arrest on April 1, 2010, and has refused food and water since his arrest.

Mayor Watson confirmed that they were working towards Mr. Fitzpatrick’s release today. In a follow-up interview with the Monroe County Sheriff’s office minutes later, Sgt. Spencer confirmed that Mr. Fitzpatrick had indeed refused food and water since last Thursday—that he has also refused to cooperate with processing for an arraignment, but that Mr. Fitzpatrick had otherwise been an “honorable, articulate and respectful man” whom the officers on duty seem to enjoy visiting with.

A $1500 bond has been set and a public defender has been assigned to the case. Monroe County officials expect Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick to be released on his own recognizance sometime this afternoon, pending a scheduled court date. Additional information is available at the US Grand Jury Institute - http://usgrandjury.org/?p=48

Further updates will be posted here with the original column, as events unfold.

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