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To the chagrin of progressives, especially those who are African American, we have not heard the last from this remarkable young woman. She plans to keep making videos. Patty has a bright future ahead of her no matter what she intends to do

Meet the woman whose video about George Takei went viral

By —— Bio and Archives--July 7, 2015

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Patty, who for obvious reasons does not want her full name used, operates the Facebook page, Young, Black and Conservative. On Friday she uploaded a video in response to comments actor George Takei made about Justice Clarence Thomas’s remarks in his dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court same sex marriage case.

Takei called the only African American currently sitting on the Supreme Court “a clown in blackface” for writing that slavery was dignified. To most people with at least an average reading ability, Thomas wrote no such thing. The justice opined that dignity is not something that is bestowed or taken away by governments; rather it is something that is inherent in people by virtue of them being human beings. Slaves, as human beings, were still able to retain their dignity.

In her YouTube video, the black woman chastised the Star Trek actor and gay rights spokesman, saying in part, “George Takei, you are a racist. It doesn’t matter what you say; it doesn’t matter how you try to cut it. You’re a racist. You made a racist statement. I’m not giving you slack for it.”

In an interview with Canada Free Press, Patty said because her YouTube video was tagged with “George Takei” she was hoping to get about 5,000 views. At the time of this writing the video has received over 137,000 views. The video has been posted on such sites as popular radio host Mark Levin’s Facebook page, The Right Scoop, and Chicks on the Right.

Patty’s Facebook page has received over 2,000 additional “likes’ since the video went viral.

The young woman has just completed her sophomore year at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she studies international relations. She spent part of her time in school studying in China.

Patty told CFP she has always been conservative although her opinions have evolved over time. Her family is not particularly political, although she describes her mother as a conservative Democrat. She votes for the Democrats but works hard and does not expect the government to support her and her family.

While in high school,  Patty thought differently than most of the other students and her beliefs became more entrenched after she went to college and socialized with and became involved with the Calvin Republicans. She is a Christian and personally opposes abortion and same sex marriage. Of course criticizing Takei and being against same sex marriage brought cries of “homophobe’ on the Internet even though she never referred to Takei’s sexual orientation in her video. Although personally against gay marriage, Patty’s view of the majority decision of the Supreme Court is that if same sex marriage was to be legalized, it should have been left to the states.

The main opinion Patty expressed in her video, apart from her criticism of Takei, is that although her descendants were slaves, she is not. She has her own opinions and is free to hold and express those opinions.

Patty’s friends and family are familiar with her views and support her. She has received many negative comments as those of us on the right have come to expect from progressives. Some African Americans have resorted to name calling, referring to her as an “Uncle Tom” and a “coon.” Chuckling, she said these types of comments prove her point; a lot of progressives do not think she should be entitled to her own opinions and she should think the way the left expects blacks to think.

Patty also pointed out the reality that the definition of a bigot is someone who is intolerant to the ideas and opinions of others and therefore those who are intolerant of her conservative beliefs are themselves bigots.

She does not like the double standard that conservatives are held to. While saying she does not totally agree with what Donald Trump said about Mexicans, she does not like the way the media and business entities went after him while ignoring the comments Takei made about Justice Thomas. Patty said progressives can say anything they want because of “Liberal Privilege.” If Trump is a racist, so is Takei.

Several comments made on the sites where the video has been posted indicated the commenter would vote for her if she ran. When asked if her future plans might include running for office, Patty gave a definite “maybe.” She has a lot of criticism aimed at Republican politicians about how they don’t stand up to the hostile media when stating what they believe in.

I asked her if she thinks the United States will change once Obama leaves office in January 2017. She answered “no” saying not everything is a federal matter and that cultural Marxism is so entrenched in the United States that a lot of what is happening now will not change. I must admit I never looked at that in this way but when you examine such things as the current outrage over the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston killings, it is hard to disagree with that point.

Editor Judi McLeod pointed out in a conversation we had about Patty that one of the great things about the video was that she occasionally smiled while calling Takei a racist. The video was not simply a nasty rant of the type that can be so often found on the Internet.

To the chagrin of progressives, especially those who are African American, we have not heard the last from this remarkable young woman. She plans to keep making videos.

Patty has a bright future ahead of her no matter what she intends to do.

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