Barack Obama, Failed Chicago Olympic Bid

By —— Bio and Archives October 2, 2009

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imageThe image of President Barack Obama as King of the World folded like the proverbial house of cards today.

And when it folded, it folded on the well-lighted world stage.

Obama took a big fall and not even Michelle, Valerie or Oprah can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

After spending an estimated $2.5 million—just for both Obamas to get to Copenhagen and back—the Chicago Olympic bid was declined in the first round.

Kudos to the International Olympic Committee for proving before a watching world that the winner was never a done deal; that even raw power cannot put everything in the bag.

Cheers for little people everywhere for it will be Latin America that will host the 2016 Olympic Games.  Olé!

Reported from AFP this morning: “US President Barack Obama took a brief respite on Friday from a packed political agenda to visit Copenhagen on a mission to capture the 2016 Olympics for his cherished hometown of Chicago…he is taking somewhat of a political risk in pitting his presidential prestige on the line.”

As radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh pointed out, Obama gave his presentation to the IOC on his trademark TelePrompter.

It was only yesterday when Michelle Obama stated that her presence and that of her husband’s in Copenhagen was a “sacrifice”.

Real people the world over know that there is not much sacrifice traveling in a jet with girlfriends, Oprah Winfrey and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett in tow.

But mainstream media CNN crowed that “Michelle steals the show in Copenhagen.”

The best line of all came from Drudge: “The ego has landed”.

The ego landed in front of all on Michelle and Barack’s big sacrifice.

Meanwhile, there will be cheering from freedom loving patriots the world over now that Humpty Dumpty has taken his great fall.

Danes Dump Obama (Hooray for the Danes) and Chicago Goes Silent

CHICAGO – Thousands of people stood in bewildered silence in downtown Chicago on Friday after the International Olympic Committee surprised everyone by dumping the city from the race for 2016 Summer Olympics in the first round of voting.

The vote in Copenhagen was carried on huge television screens set up in the Daley Center to carry what many had hoped would be approval of Chicago as host. It had seemed so likely to many in a city still basking in the blow of hometown Sen. Barack Obama’s election as president.

Instead, Chicago was bounced in the first round, bringing an audible gasp from the crowd. The elimination came so quickly that some would-be revelers weren’t sure what had happened and they asked bystanders if they had heard what they thought they heard.

Many stood for a few minutes, staring at the screens, and at least one flung his hands into the air in a crude gesture toward the TVs. Within seconds, people began filing out of the plaza.

“I’ve never really had a disappointment like this,” said Ken Rudd, a 33-year-old salesman from Evergreen Park. “This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”



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