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Individual Rights and Freedoms destroyed – Apartheid Canadian style – Hatred of Whites promoted by the Toronto District School Board (T.D.S.B)

Multicultural hatreds promoted in Canada

By —— Bio and Archives August 9, 2011

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It doesn’t seem to matter what paper you open today or what source of news is your favourite bad medicine, there seems no end to the divisive rhetoric been thrown around by the purveyors of hate. If it isn’t the senseless gunplay in our major cities by our drug infested minority youth or the unpleasant anti-Jewish ambiance of practically every university across Canada, it’s the deliberate separation of Canadians into superior or inferior classes of citizens by the official (government) forced bilingual policies.

Who are to blame for this unhealthy state of affairs? The answer is every damn politician or lawyer (judges) backed by progressive academics who have implemented the laws and policies that have created our new Canadian culture of legal separate identity based on race, skin colour, ethnic group, sex. sexual- orientation, religion and language.

The warm-hearted know nothings say, “Oh but minorities would be discriminated against by the majority if we didn’t have anti-discriminations laws.” Not true, such laws induce discrimination by declaring that all group identities are equal to each other, thereby dismissing the very culture they immigrated here to join. Before the mid-1960’s Canadians were free individuals, now we are just another tribal group. Thus our former Prime Ministers Mike Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau deliberately destroyed our time honoured British principle that:

Every individual person is the equal of every other individual person before and under exactly the same laws applicable to all.

How often I have tried to explain this to some naive person who writes or tells me, “Oh you don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, a black person or an Italian etc. coming to Canada or living here. How can you say we are all equal because I have been discriminated against again and again in jobs and promotions and been called nasty names.” My answer is straightforward, “Lady, biases exist the world over and even if you are discriminated against, which may or may not be the case; that is not a reason to change our laws and design new ones just to suite you just because you are somehow different.”

Cases of real prejudice in employment etc. are solved by persistent free discussion of unfairness and the gradual acceptance of change encouraged by the majority who inherently believe in fair treatment for all. In fact fairness as perceived by the people is the basis of all English-derived Common law. It has always been the case that newcomers from different cultures must prove themselves and earn the respect of their fellow citizens before being fully accepted. That may take a generation or more depending on performance and adaptability. What needs to be understood by all Canadians, new and old, is that laws must never be passed that apply only to select individuals or groups. Such laws will destroy any society over time.

I particularly despise those politicians, who are dismissive of, or antagonistic to English-speaking Canadians and delight in telling our new immigrants that, “Canada is blank slate and you are invited to help us create a new multicultural identity.”

This accursed “blank slate” propaganda denies our eight century history of British derived laws and principles since Magna Carta was signed in 1215 A.D. The truth is that the vast majority of Canadians expect newcomers to respect the laws and culture they came to join. Immigrants are not welcome to impose upon us their peculiar alien laws, practices and anti-Canadian mores. Just ask the average Canadian that has had a couple of beers what is expected of immigrants and he or she will tell you bluntly that:

“I don’t care where they come from so long as they join with us, work hard and help build our country and if they can’t do that, then send them back to wherever they came from.”
That’s what new immigrants swore to do when they took the oath of allegiance and that’s what we expect of them.

The Jewish immigrant mistake in changing our laws

Jewish post WW2 newcomers made some serious mistakes that have come back to haunt them. When the mass of Jewish people fleeing from Europe after the nightmare of the Holocaust came to Canada their motto was “Never Again.” They were panicked when they saw that there was still a residue of social/religious anti-Semitism in Canada. They were frightened by any individual or group of Neo-Nazis or Holocaust deniers. Together with several other ethnic groups they lobbied the government for special laws and protections. They hugely exaggerated their fears because the vast majority of Canadians were never anti-Semitic. We had just fought a war to stop that cruelty. It was a panic driven but understandable case of stereotyping a whole society.

The result of their actions and other groups was the passing of the Multicultural Act of Canada; the Employment Equity Acts and ultimately Section 15, Sub Section (2) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the latter verifying that all the laws passed or to be passed in Canada for the protection of minorities from the majority were legal.

Another massive attack on Canadian liberties, also endorsed by the Charter, occurred with the setting up Human Right’s kangaroo courts solely designed to protect minority groups and minority individuals. This was a total anathema to the majority of Canadians that understood the insult to our inherent British derived Canadian freedoms.

The following is abstracted from one of several letters I wrote to Mordechai Ben-Dat, Editor of the Canadian Jewish News, (this in 1999, none were published):

“Unfortunately I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the constant undermining of Canadian society and its laws and principles by concerned human rights activists in the Jewish community who are drawing entirely the wrong lessons from this great human tragedy (the Holocaust). These activists including the Bn’ai Brith League of Human Rights and the Canadian Jewish Congress seem to think that the great lesson of the Holocaust is to shut down unpopular, derisive, and so-called anti-Semitic or racist opinion and punish those who hold such views.

Their constant heavily funded lobbying, to which ordinary Canadians have no access, to strengthen hate laws, pillory individuals who offend by the use of Human Rights behavioural tribunals to shut people up or to badger employers and get people fired from their jobs; to threaten hotels and other facilities with picketing and rabble rousing if they allow controversial speakers is very frightening. Far from crowing about their successes, these activists should be terrified. If a man cannot speak freely in this society, founded on the fundamental freedom to express his or her opinion, even if it is an insulting one, a double edged sword has been created. Sooner or later it will strike back at the wielder.

A double-edged sword indeed cuts both ways

Witness the unpleasant and dangerous invasion of our University campuses by the newer Palestinian Islamist groups that have made life on these campuses a threat to the safety and scholastic endeavours of Jewish students. Witness the actions of the public service pro-Palestinian anti-Semitic activist unions. Witness the near riots created by both groups to stop foreign speakers when they represent views they disagree with.

Above all, universities are supposed to be places of free and open debate. Unfortunately, the Deans and Boards of many of our universities would rather shut down troublesome speakers than provide secure venues and expel violent activist students.

There are many residual consequences of having broken our British derived Common Laws including the absurd recent trials in of Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and McLean’s Magazine by a kangaroo court of our so-called Human Rights tibunal system. Luckily they had the means and skills to defend themselves and won their case. Most do not. Thousands have been hurt and unjustly damaged and more will continue to be victimized.

To this date there is not one government in Canada with the will to eradicate these abominations. My assessment after years of trying to get governments to abolish these tribunals is that governments believe that Canadians think that anything titled “Human Rights” must be good and so they are afraid to even try to publicly discuss destroying so-called Human Rights Commissions and their corrupt tribunals.

I suspect there may be other reasons in that they curry favour with minority groups that feel they need special courts to “get justice” especially when it costs nothing to lay a charge and if they win they get cash in pocket and if they lose there are no penalties. It is also another ready honey pot from which governments can dole out jobs to political “friends” as Human Rights Commissioners and tribunal judges (no qualifications required).

Is there apartheid in Canada?

Yes, in spades! Laws based solely on race, skin colour or ethnic characteristics are laws of separate legal identity. We have therefore established a racist, apartheid society filled with tribal antagonisms. Our justice system used to protect each individual person equally; Groups were thus protected automatically. As the Dutch have said recently when they repealed their official multicultural policy “Creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself.”

Why? Because quite simply all cultures are NOT equal, some are more civil than others or more literate than others or more socially and legally advanced than others. Some values new immigrant groups bring to us are not our values and are a threat to our country’s freedoms and liberties. We are on a very slippery slope. A classic example and extreme precursor of the growth of tribal hatreds in Canada is illustrated by the Toronto District School Board’s new definition of racism. This unbelievable message of hate for privileged white people will indoctrinate children far into the future and create a nightmare for this country if allowed to remain in force.

From the TDSB Resource: Teaching about Human Rights 9/11 and Beyond A Package for Educators Grades 7-12 Definitions Pages 5-6 – found on page 70 of this document.


“While people in different contexts can experience prejudice or discrimination, racism, in a North American context, is based on an ideology of the superiority of the white race over other racial groups. Racism is evident in individual acts, such as racial slurs, jokes, etc., and institutionally, in terms of policies and practices at institutional levels of society.

The result of institutional racism is that it maintains white privilege and power (such as racial profiling, hiring practices, history, and literature that centre on Western, European civilizations to the exclusion of other civilizations and communities). The social, systemic, and personal assumptions, practices, and behaviours that discriminate against persons according to their skin colour, hair texture, eye shape, and other superficial physical characteristics.”


Canada has created a racist Apartheid state that has employed many instruments of bad law and bad institutions and bad propaganda to destroy our laws, our history and the great principles of our British legal heritage. It can only get worse unless we wake up every Canadian citizen that is now fast asleep or has succumbed to the “inevitable.” I particularly implore young people of all ethnicities to cast off this mess of pottage our politicians have created and grasp the nettle. Get involved in our political system and make sure courageous politicians return to our British derived Common laws and principles. Unless you do, you will most certainly lose all your freedoms and the Nation of Canada.


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Dick Field, editor of Blanco’s Blog, is the former editor of the Voice of Canadian Committees and the Montgomery Tavern Society, Dick Field is a World War II veteran, who served in combat with the Royal Canadian Artillery, Second Division, 4th Field Regiment in Belgium, Holland and Germany as a 19-year-old gunner and forward observation signaller working with the infantry. Field also spent six months in the occupation army in Northern Germany and after the war became a commissioned officer in the Armoured Corps, spending a further six years in the Reserves.

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