Agenda 21, Gaia Worshipping

By —— Bio and Archives July 9, 2010

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Taking a look at just three of this week’s big stories, can you identify what they have in common? Though very different stories, these along with many others have the same strong, underlying theme.

  • Hillary apologizing around the world for not redistributing wealth enough.
  • Obama converting NASA into a Muslim outreach agency
  • Author Stan Cox claims air conditioning is an unnecessary luxury and has helped promote the Republican party (yes, really).

The “redistribution of wealth” progressives, wealthy and powerful globalization advocates and the “deep green” environmentalists are working hard together for the creation of a new New Age Marxist global society. Although each group may have their own area of emphasis, the big picture is the same. All three of these stories and many more are part of the unified effort to move in that direction…as quickly as possible.

Their ideal society is based on feminist Goddess/Gaia/Earth worshipping theory. That is not to say that all progressives are Gaia worshippers; some may have political aspirations, some may see monetary profit in this movement, and others see it as a spiritual transformation.

One of the key proponents of this line of thought is Riane Eisler, author of the radical feminist book, “The Chalice and the Blade.” Her book sums up much of the New Age Marxist thought. Speaking in broad generalization, the main idea is that our earliest societies were made up of peaceful, non-combative tribes. These “ideal” people were pagan goddess worshipers, honoring the Mother Earth who gave them all they needed. In came the evil, white European warriors. These brutes took more than they needed and slaughtered all who stood in their way. They began a sophisticated system of agriculture, producing an abundance of food. That, apparently, was a bad thing, as it encouraged overpopulation since there was an ample food supply. The constantly growing population pushed the peace-loving Gaia worshipers out of the way as the evil “takers” continued to consume relentlessly.

Eventually, these evil men turned us into a male dominated society of greedy industrialized capitalists, who overpopulate, overconsume and even keep us in line by using the male hierarchy in organized religion to rule us using fear. This theory suggests that we return to a less industrialized, more goddess-like society, as we once (supposedly) were, rejecting capitalism, industry and organized religion.

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about? Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable.”- Maurice Strong

Where does the Marxism come in? Well, most of the proponents of this thinking embrace leaders like Cuba’s Castro, Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. They are also working closely with the United Nations, which has had this agenda (Agenda 21) for many years. Using Van Jones as the perfect example, they embrace communist ideology working in concert with their green movement to create the perfect world, under global governance, of course.

Many of them refer to this using vague terms such as “change”, “change agents” and “the shift”. They believe we are currently seeing a change in global consciousness that is shifting us back to our natural, Gaia worshipping true selves.

It is easy to see the connection between the current Obama administration and this global movement, not only in the deconstructing policies and spending he has put forth, but in the very people he has surrounded himself with, such as Van Jones, John Holdren, and Cass Sunstein. It is further reflected in his supporters, such as George Soros, Ted Turner and Bill Gates, who all advocate for items on the New Age Marxist agenda with a special emphasis on population control. Whenever a move is made by Washington and everyone wonders why it seems to make no sense, that is because they are looking at it from a totally different point of view. They expect Washington to be working towards more jobs, more production and a stronger economy, when in fact there are many working towards just the opposite. Their agenda is to deconstruct rather than build up; to tear down the traditions and Constitutional framework of this country rather than build up.

Until the majority of Americans are able to see and accept what is really going on with the New Age Marxist agenda, they will not be prepared to counteract it. Time is running short.

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