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The GOP Establishment got nervous when the message of the TEA Party Patriots

News Flash: RINOs will try to re-elect Obama in 2012

By —— Bio and Archives--December 26, 2010

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It has been coming; ever since the first breath of the fabulous TEA Party movement, it was inevitable. The signs have been there since the first RINO asked, ‘Who are these guys and why are they butting in on our Republican Party’?  The GOP Establishment got nervous when the message of the TEA Party Patriots stated that the original thoughts and ideals that the Republican Party was founded on had to return and they would help to bring them back.

I’m not sure of the exact date when the first TEA Party announcement was made; or if anyone really knows, but it sounded like the “shot heard ‘round the world’’ back in April, 1775 when the Patriots of that era fired on the establishment, represented by the British troops in Lexington, Massachusetts and then in Concord, Massachusetts.

How ironic, and as Yogi Berra said, “Like déjà vu all over again” that the very first action against the repressive British rulers took place in a state that today is very representative of the same oppressive and dictatorial rule that was present in 1775; sometimes known as “The Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts” a state that just months ago did not have ONE
single person other than liberal Democrats in its total Congressional delegation. 

And come to think of it, perhaps now, in addition to the TEA Partiers we should consider the hugely upset and upsetting to liberal and Democrats election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts to the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy was this era’s ‘shot heard ‘round the world’.

Although many wish Brown was the conservative that he campaigned to be. 

Brown has often aligned himself with the two sisters of socialistic leanings from Maine, Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe both registered Republicans but frequently found in compromising positions with liberal Democrats – politically speaking of course, you understand.  Brown doesn’t stray from the home field quite as often as Collins and Snowe,  but I do believe he may have trouble getting TEA Party support this time around having shown his RINO side a bit too often.

But while Massachusetts stayed home with the blues and remained solidly in the socialist – liberal Democrat political arena during the November 2, 2010 elections, Maine was getting a lovely coat of red on a large part of the political landscape up there in lobster country with surprising totals in Republican victories changing the state’s complexion for future races.
Snowe is the first to test the climate in 2012 and should be very nervous about the ‘changing of the mood’ of the electorate there, whereas Collins gets a four-year time period to think about her fortunes for reelection which may even be enough to make her rethink her socialist-leaning penchants.

Both of those two wanderers from the conservative ways of governing didn’t add any friends when they deserted their registered party and in typical RINO fashion, sided with the liberal Democrats on the faulty arms treaty with Russia called START, and,  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” homosexuality for the military bill.  They very possibly will be Snowe’s poisoned arrow.

Expectations are that Collins, who just can’t resist tempting fate and siding with the opposition, will get her bitter pill in 2014.  They both are turncoat Republicans and now Maine is NOT.

Maine’s directly southerly neighbor, New Hampshire, did a whopping job of cleaning house on November 2, reclaiming BOTH U. S. Representatives and keeping a Republican in the retiring Republican’s seat, while absolutely devastating the statewide legislature amassing huge totals in both houses with very large numbers. 

So it appears that RINOism could be a past tense pastime in at least two Northern New England states, but it also appears that the other four New England states, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut haven’t felt the conservative ground-swell that the rest of the country is experiencing and will remain solidly in the hands of the
liberal-progressive, socialistic minded Democrats.

Candidates, whether RINO or socialist liberal Democrats in 2012 from those other New England states as well as others nationwide will be targeted, not only by the TEA Party groups, but the general public who were just getting warmed up in 2010 when they caused Obama to cry out that they, the liberal Democrats, got “shellacked”.  It will happen again; mark my words.  The public is finished with extremist liberals.

There have been rumors and whispers of a possible new home for disaffected RINOs and liberal Democrats to form a what is privately being called a “centrist” third party.  How in anyone’s imagination ANY liberal or RINO could be termed as being centrist, is so far out of touch with reality as to be a non-starter.  Those types are not known for their stability or staying home.  So ‘centrist’ or ‘shotgun’ may be thrown around a lot in the coming months.

As Ben Johnson states in “FLOYD REPORTS” ‘RINOs Plan a Third Party’. “It is further evidence some RINOs would rather wreck the Republican Party and let
Barack Obama cruise to a second term than share “their” party with its grassroots activists.”  He goes on to say however, that “Their likely beneficiary is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent… whose multi-billionaire’s financial heft – and that alone – makes him a viable national player.”

Jerry McConnell -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Gerald A. “Jerry” McConnell, 92, of Hampton, died Sunday, February 19, 2017, at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Mass., surrounded by his loved ones. He was born May 27, 1924 in Altoona, Pa., the fifth son of the late John E. and Grace (Fletcher) McConnell.

Jerry served ten years with the US Marine Corps and participated in the landing against Japanese Army on Guadalcanal and another ten years with the US Air Force. After moving to Hampton in 1957 he started his community activities serving in many capacities.


He shared 72 years of marriage with his wife Betty P. (Hamilton) McConnell. In addition to his wife, family members include nieces and nephews.


McConnell’s e-book about Guadalcanal, “Our Survival was Open to the Gravest Doubts


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