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Fundamentally transforming the United States of America, Multicultural Political Correctness and Progressive Socialism

Newspeak and Cultural Marxism

By —— Bio and Archives--December 16, 2009

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“Comrade Obama newthinkers bellyfeel Amsoc. Big Brother say crime thinkers and unduckspeakers need plusup prolefeed in newthink. Minitrue doubleplusgood duckspeaker Robert Gibbs say, “Big Brother goodthink is healthiest Amsoc.”

[Translation: President Obama’s new Progressive agenda and programs have enthusiastically advanced American Socialism. Obama says that those who oppose his plans are unpatriotic heretics and criminals who require much re-education. Presidential Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, says that, “Trusting the Obama Administration is the path to health and prosperity in our new Socialist America.”]

Who could understand this Party Language, this gobbledygook of Newspeak? Who would want to? It is certainly not even as colorful as Esperanto. Esperanto, the invented language of the late 19th Century, was proposed to be the common international language for all peoples. Newspeak is the “politically correct” language of The Party in “1984.” The Party is Big Brother. Society under Newspeak and the Party, is cultural Marxism. Newspeak supports an agenda.

I confess, I made up the above quote. I was playing with words of a possible language in our future. The sentiment expressed could well be a Mainstream Media report from a Robert Gibbs Press Conference, that is, if they were to speak their true beliefs.

I recently began a re-read of Eric Blair’s [George Orwell’s] book “1984.” I first read it during my High School years in the 1960s, along with another Orwell book, “Animal Farm,” and Aldous Huxley’s epic “Brave New World.” Unlike those bad old days of a “college prep” curriculum replete with book reports, Cliff Notes, and those interminable, boring English classes [I was a Science, History and Foreign Language guy], it is most enjoyable to re-read these works. Today, I read more slowly for deeper comprehension. I also pause over sections and ponder strains of thought that go off on tangents. I even read the Forwards, Introductions, study the Appendices, and check out the footnotes. Ayn Rand’s books are next on my list for re-reading.

The Appendix to “1984” provides a lengthy explanation of the mechanics and a demonstration of the power of Newspeak. This fictional language of the future creates and allows discussion about essentially nothing significant. It creates a kind of a political “Seinfeld” society, if you will. It also, by its construction, eliminates any and all dissent. Orwell makes the specific point that or Declaration of Independence is rendered untranslatable. Do you get the point? Readers who wish to make sense of what is going on right now might want to acquire a gist of the mechanics of Newspeak.

To understand what is going on in a country, one must understand the language, the borders and the culture of that nation. It is a construct of civilization, a three legged stool. To transform society one must knock out at least one leg of the stool. To fundamentally transform society one must knock out all three. The Revolutionary Marxist attempts to transform society in the 19th Century failed certainly in part, and usually in whole. The Russian Communist [Red] Revolution succeeded largely in changing borders, altering language use and eradicating all cultural Russian references to culture that could not further their Soviet aims. Yet, Soviet Society failed and the Soviet Union broke apart. Still the drive toward a Marxist Society continues.

It is now clear, even to most scoffers, just what Barack Obama meant when he boasted in the now famous video clip from October 30 2008, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”

The fundamental transformation of the United States of America is the deliberate societal overlay of Multicultural Political Correctness and Progressive Socialism. I use the term “overlay” to depict an exoskeleton. But, call it what it is: Cultural Marxism. They change culture first by changing the way we speak. They condition people to new ways of saying, or not saying things. Example: We are experiencing the slow steady erasure of our religious foundations from that of a Christian nation to that of a polyglot of beliefs, heresies, and unbelief. We are losing our borders, and our sovereignty, to the notion of “Internationalism” and “Open Borders.” The change is a slow and agonizing drip, drip, drip. Go ahead, talk to your school age and college age children. Find out what they are being taught. Some might actually tell you that you are a wrong-headed “dinosaur” and that you must change your thinking and “get with the program.” Some will actually dispute accurate historical accounts that conflict with their educational conditioning [brainwashing] from the Progressive “Education” establishment.

I prefer logic and hard evidence to anecdotal. But the anecdotal is fast becoming mainstream. I offer everyday examples of how Cultural Marxists change our language: The Democrats who formerly described themselves as Liberals have all but cast that name aside for Progressive. Progressives are, in truth, Marxist Socialists. They are not installing Socialized Medicine They call this “Healthcare Reform.” They are not gutting Medicare by cutting $500 Billion in the level and quality of care. They are “streamlining Medicare.” They are not destroying what is left of the American manufacturing base. They are “Greening America” and developing Eco-Friendly Industries” and “Green Jobs.” They no longer deficit spend. They “Stimulate” the economy. They no longer “tax and spend.” They “Invest “ in the economy. They no longer fight Terrorism or have a War on Terrorism. They “conduct Overseas Contingency Operations.” They no longer print money. They “Monetize Debt and raise the “Debt Ceiling.” We no longer have “Illegal Aliens;” we have “Homeless Immigrants.” We no longer have “irresponsible People.” We have “Victims of Greedy Bankers.” It is no longer “We the People.” It is “I” [Barack Obama], or “we” [his Administration, and of course, Barack Obama].

All the further proof one might need to be persuaded is found in the very science to which these Progressives purport to subscribe. In the face of a boatload of e-mails detailing the farce and fraud that is Global Warming and its infamous “Hockey-stick Graph,” World Leaders are still determined to swallow the lies, to “move forward.” Any thinking to the contrary is heresy: Crimethink. It is likely that any agreement out of Copenhagen will be a punishing blow to America’s economic engine and seriously reduce our standard of living and quality of life. The worst part of this is that it will be done to Americans by Americans. This is not about Global Warming and the reduction of pollutants. This is about furthering Progressive political goals and cultural Marxism.

Mr. Obama, almost daily, treats us to speeches [about nothing]. They are actually “Two Minutes Hate” sessions [move over Goldstein] right out of “1984.” Every cultural Marxist needs a focus of hatred. Richard Nixon was the “warm-up” exercise, Ford, Reagan, and Bush the Elder, provided practice. But now the focus of all that is wrong with America is the evil Bush-Cheney regime.” Every time Mr. Obama speaks he manages to single out the “past eight years of failure by the Bush Administration,” “the mess we have to clean up,” or “restoring our standing in the world after eight years of mismanagement.” All of the “evil, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal, “obstructionist Conservatives “ must be vilified or destroyed . The GOP must also be co-opted an transformed into a “Progressive-Light” Party that is no opposition at all, but rather a “Bi-Partisan Partner.”

Folks this is not just my imagination. I know that it may seem otherwise and less than what I have described. We think that way because we desperately want it to be so. This is called cognitive dissonance.“ There is no eloquent way to break this to you. But just in case you didn’t already know it: “We have been had!” Read Orwell, Huxley, and Alinsky. Decide for yourself.

But take heart, we can still stop this. But to borrow from their cultural Marxist phrasing, it requires “the long march” back to Constitutional Republicanism. Do not be bullied! We still have a Constitution. It may be largely ignored at present, but it still stands tall . We also have a Bill of Rights. Guard them jealously. The good news is this: We seriously outnumber them.

Don’t allow your mind to be polluted with Newspeak. Your mind is sacred. Your mind is yours. Hold on to it.

America is worth fighting for. The slogans and reality of the alternative world are unthinkable:


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William R. Mann, is a retired Lt. Colonel, US Army. He is a now a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for Conservative causes. He was educated at West Point [Bachelor of Science, 1971 ]and the Naval Postgraduate School [Masters, National Security Affairs, 1982].

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