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Impeachment, Czars, Constitutional Law

Obama and ruling by edict as a direct challenge to the authority of the congress

By —— Bio and Archives--November 13, 2010

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In response to a reader’s concurrence with opinions expressed in Obama & Soros America’s Clearest and Present Danger , Canada Free Press, Friday 12/11/2010 and the reader’s question as to when an overt attempt to take over the American government would occur, the following is provided.

I believe Obama will carry out ruling by edict as a direct challenge to the authority of the congress. Congress will push back by de-funding the czars’ departments. This will result in a massive disruption of the governmental process, as well as the salaries of public employees at the national, state, and local levels.

Enter the media and corrupt public and private employee unions who will demand that the President and Commander-in Chief do something. The clamor will create panic and chaos. He will declare a national emergency. This action will accomplish nothing more than and designed to inflame the matter to a higher pitch, whereat he will declare marshal law, suspend the constitution, and order in federal forces to quell the insurrection by whatever means necessary to restore peace. Obama was, after all, said to have been a professor of constitutional law.

General David Petraeus was not stripped of his very high level command and buried in Afghanistan because Obama wants to win a war. His Ph.D. and vast knowledge of dealing with insurgents, in this scenario, Obama and what ever number of military and other traitors he can assemble, would be a crucial impediment. The current members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff show, with the exception of the new Marine member, great inclination to please the ‘boss’ in matters spanning the Fort Hood massacre by a radical Islamic terrorist to disruption of our armed forces through mandatory inclusion of homosexuals.

Will it work? No. It will set in motion subversives around the world the instant they see America in turmoil.

The question at this juncture is, how can the scenario above be prevented?

The two co-equal branches of government must immediately exercise their constitutional duty to protect and defend the constitution. The Judiciary must act as a matter of utmost urgency to adjudicate the eligibility question. In the event that Mr. Obama were declared ineligible he could be removed as quickly as the court’s ruling was signed. We have a constitution. Hiding from or slow waking it is done at the peril of the nation.

Congress should immediately file articles of impeachment. The grounds for such action are legion and fully identified in the press. This would serve the purpose of de-legitimizing any contemplated acts, in particular the authority to declare a national emergency with unlawful use of federal forces.

Dr. Gerald Stephens -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Dr. Gerald Stephens is a former Marine and retired Chiropractic Physician, a member of the NRA and a strong Constitutionalist.

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