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Rumor has it that Camp Victory will soon be renamed “Camp of Successful Resolution”

Obama Faces Enemy Combatants at West Point

By —— Bio and Archives--December 3, 2009

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Barack Obama staged another photo op Tuesday night when he delivered his Afghanistan speech to cadets at West Point for the purpose of screwing with their heads.  Obama’s message was:  I’m sending more troops to Afghanistan, but only for a few days.  Deal with it.

As always, the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world studiously avoided use of the word “victory” in expounding on our wartime objectives.  Rumor has it that Camp Victory will soon be renamed “Camp of Successful Resolution”.

The president justified his dithering over whether to send the troops requested by his commander on the ground, General Stanley McChrystal with the alibi that new troops couldn’t get there until 2010 anyway.

This tortured logic indicates that the Harvard alum either doesn’t understand General McChyrstal’s plan; or Obama prefers to subvert America’s interests.  While Obama’s surprisingly positive comments about America were welcomed, he doesn’t mean a word of it.  Republicans are now being told they should rally round the president for his bold and decisive action in agreeing to send about half of the troops McChrystal requested. 

Obama’s real diabolism was pledging to our enemies that though he was sending 30,000 more troops, he was far more resolute about getting them out of there as expeditiously as possible than he is in carrying out the mission.

This pandering to George Soros by replacing the Bush Doctrine with the Soros doctrine is politics of the most malignant kind:

“Soros published his own book on the subject in 2003:  The Bubble of American Supremacy:  The Cost of George W. Bush’s War in Iraq.  The Soros Doctrine boils down to a short list of simple tenets:

  • President Bush’s reaction to 9/11 was an extreme over-reaction.  The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been counterproductive in the world scheme of things, causing far more harm than help.
  • The Global War on Terror was ill-conceived, ill-fought and ought to be dismantled, the sooner the better for international relations.
  • The desire to spread American democracy to other regions is based on a false set of documents, namely the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Soros’ belief that there is no such thing as a universal truth, that all things are relative and all moral systems are essentially equivalent leads him to conclude that our founding documents are fundamentally flawed in that they claim to rest upon ‘self-evident truths.’

Obama’s avowal that we won’t be in Afghanistan for long represents an enormous betrayal of our troops and an increased threat to our national security.

General McChrystal’s sixty-six page report highlights the pressing need to build relationships with the Afghani population.  Without cultivating trust in our coalition, the population will continue to be vulnerable to recruitment by the Taliban.  The general’s plan emphasizes the need to earn the faith of the locals and defines a Crisis in Confidence:

“The insurgents wage a ‘silent war’ of fear, intimidation and persuasion throughout the year-not just during the warmer weather ‘fighting season’-to gain control over the population.  These efforts make possible, in many places, a Taliban ‘shadow government’ that actively seeks to control the population and displace the national government and traditional power structures.  Insurgent military operations attract more attention than this silent war but are only a supporting effort.  Violent attacks are designed to weaken the government by demonstrating its inability to provide security, to fuel recruiting and financing efforts, to provoke reactions from ISAF that further alienate the population, and also to undermine public and political support for the ISAF mission in coalition capitals”  (Pgs.  13-14).

McChrystal also identifies the insurgents’ two objectives:  controlling the Afghan people and breaking the coalition’s will.

Broadcasting a firm departure date at is an effective way of achieving both objectives.  Why would the Afghanis put their faith in us when our president is so irresolute about victory?

Reassurances that pulling out our troops may not be done precisely according to Obama’s declared timetable are not consoling.  If Obama is the world’s greatest communicator, why do liberal pundits have to spend so much time telling us what he really means?

Whether or not the exit dates are fixed or not is meaningless from the Taliban’s perspective.  All they needed to know is that this president has no serious commitment to winning this war and wants to opt out at the earliest opportunity.  That makes a hell of a convincing advertising campaign for the terrorists. 

Obama tried to camouflage his casuistry using the preposterous excuse that we can’t fight terrorists because the Karzai government is corrupt.  If liberals had any appreciation of irony, they would see the lunacy of an amoral Chicago politician lecturing us about corruption.

If we are to defeat the insurgents, we have to strengthen, not weaken the Karzai government.  Third world governments are seldom as pristine as we would like.  But, it’s all we’ve got.  We can’t expect other governments to be run by a bevy of selfless altruists like ours is.

This war is altogether winnable.  General McChrystal recognizes that the insurgents can take losses among their fighters.  What they can’t survive is loss of the abetment from the general population.  Weaknesses that we can exploit arise from internal frictions across groups but we need troops on the ground to make use of these vulnerabilities.

Afghan Defense Minister Wardak:

“Victory is within our grasp, provided that we recommit ourselves based on lessons learned and provided that we fulfill the requirements needed to make success inevitable . . .  I reject the myth advanced in the media that Afghanistan is a ‘graveyard of empires’ and that the U.S. and NATO effort is destined to fail.  Afghans have never seen you as occupiers, even though this has been the major focus of the enemy’s propaganda campaign.  Unlike the Russians, who imposed a government with an alien ideology, you enabled us to write a democratic constitution and choose our own government.  Unlike the Russians, who destroyed our country, you came to rebuild’.  (pg.  8)


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