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We are sick of the egomaniac who has taken over the White House. We demand that real men be real men…not this fake ‘metro-sexual’ garbage

Obama has awakened the sleeping giant – American women

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2014

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Obama has awakened the sleeping giant – American women

It is out all over the place now.  Polls are showing that women don’t feel safe with Obama, and now prefer Republicans.  This has to be a huge slap upside the head to Obama, that he doesn’t own the female bloc any more.  Actually, he never did own most of us nor impress us with his tongue.  Moms, workers, Grandmas, business owners and generic ‘girlfriends’ knew the difference between fiction and non-fiction, lies and truth.

Most of us women haven’t survived marriage with a guy we would like to clock once in awhile; negotiated the minefield of raising kids in this compromised society, or built a business without being able to recognize a liar when we see one.  I think women understand more than most men when someone is about to rob them or is trying to deceive them.  God made most of us women with natural gifts in the areas of intuition, creative ability, sensitivity, discipline and old fashioned courage.  We show up, stay there and endure until the mission is done, the dishes are cleaned and the bills are paid.

Have you ever seen a woman deal with pain and then a man deal with pain?  Any questions?  We love our men and need them to be in our lives.  They are not beneath us, nor are we beneath them.  However, I dare say…women have a higher pain tolerance than most men, which is yet another gift God has given us.  Yell at me if you wish, but I think I am right. 

I vividly recall after my near-fatal motorcycle wreck, getting out of bed each day dealing with pain, dizziness and drool as I dragged myself down the hall.  Regardless, I showed up until things got better.  I got the kids to school, made the meals, did the laundry, cleaned the house, wrote my articles and did my radio show each day.  Things weren’t perfect, I wouldn’t have impressed many but I did what most women will do…trust in God, struggle through and try their hardest…without the fanfare. 

Women of America…it looks like more of you are finally listening to your intuition and that inner, God-given ability to identify smooth talking liars.  You finally realize that Obama is not making you feel safer and you trust Republicans more.  I sure wouldn’t trust the GOP much more, but they are the folks that must get in the ring at this crucial time and act.  Vote and vote right.

Obama and the desperate Democrats—who are shunning Obama with their re election attempts—must find a way to put out enough blame and lies about the other side to hopefully win in 2014.  They won’t win, and the GOP will get back the Senate. It will be up to the conservative, freedom-loving masses to stay on them about their real priorities.

Obama and the Democrats have always believed that women, Hispanics, and Blacks are stupid, controllable slaves stuck in the ‘glue trap’ of Obama’s agenda.  They are not unique, individual or able to make up their own minds. 

Looking at the last two presidential elections, it does appear like way-too-many females, Blacks and Hispanics got totally stuck in the Obama’s goo while believing for a long while they were sitting in a cozy spa with their honey.  Granted, they couldn’t move, but they thought they saw steam and a wine glass next to them.  What they saw was themselves being used as political widgets to discard when Obama was done with them.

Real women in America want freedom, God in charge; opportunity to thrive with their business ideas; a safe place to raise their children; schools that are reliable - protected from intruders and don’t rewrite history while pushing sex agendas.  Women want our borders protected, radical Islam pushed back and fascist/Marxist/communist agendas destroyed.  Real women want Christian values and morals leading in America again…not Islam, New world order or other socialist/communist bull rot.

Real women in America want God-fearing, Constitution and freedom-loving servants serving in the HOUSE and SENATE.  We are sick of the egomaniac who has taken over the White House.  We demand that real men be real men…not this fake ‘metro-sexual’ garbage.  Real men are not sound bite experts.  They don’t say the perfect thing at the perfect time.  They don’t always smell right, look right are act right but they 99.9% of the time do right.  Women want men with integrity, grit, and courage and, yes…honor who love right and fight right.

Sorry, Obama…you don’t own the real women in America.  Sorry, again…way more of the women who have been in emotional intensive care for the last many years have ripped the IV out of their arms and are boldly walking out of the Obama psych ward.

Would you like another cigarette, Obama?  It looks like your nerves may need one.

Women, join me.  Let’s bring back America, and boot the leftist progressive Democrats and ‘America transformers’ out on their backsides.

Dr. Laurie Roth -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Dr. Laurie Roth Just Who is this Annie Oakley of the airwaves?

Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is happily married and currently resides in Washington State. She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit.

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