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Obama is ineligible and committing a dangerous and unconstitutional fraud against the American people. Apparently, most of our leaders have joined in with the fraud

Obama is a usurper:  It doesn’t matter where his Birth Certificate is hidden

By —— Bio and Archives--September 22, 2011

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Is it that members of Congress and the Senate don’t know where to go and what to do regarding the endless questions of Obama’s eligibility?  Or,  is it that given what they already know,  they choose to put their traitorous heads in the ‘ratings’ and ‘international’ sand?  As it is now, with the constitutional and historical truth flying in our faces for at least 3 years,  Congress has revealed themselves as hopeless sellouts and traitors to the American people.

Some in media see the alarm and breadth of this nightmare for America.  Lawence Sellin not only calls our Congress hopelessly corrupt but says they all must be replaced in 2012.  He brilliantly points out the vivid and obvious truth of this constitutional breach.  The bottom line is that Obama was never eligible to be President because his father was Kenyan and a British subject.  He had dual citizenship and duel allegiance. 

This should have been a ‘DUH’ moment over 3 years ago.  Where has everyone been?  I’ll tell you where,  calling us every kind of name in the world for noticing and commenting on this for the last 3 years.  This shamefully includes most of those running for the coveted GOP nomination for President.

Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by our rock-solid Constitution.  It shouldn’t matter where his long form birth certificate is hiding or frankly where he was born.  Even though mountains of evidence point to Kenya and away from Hawaii,  he is already ineligible to be our President.  This is the biggest fraud and threat to our way of life our nation has ever seen.

Phil Berg,  Democrat attorney from Pennsylvania, was one of the very first to sue Obama for eligibility reasons.  He knew this was a constitutional disaster and crisis for the Democrat party, which he loved and had always been a member of.  Over the last 3 years,  Berg and several others have brought several dozen law suits against Obama trying to get to discovery to expose the fraud, cover ups and crisis.  Shockingly and disgracefully,  they have all been thrown out for lack of standing.  Apparently,  someone has gotten to much of the Judicial branch as well.

Who will fight this battle and defend our law and constitution?  Thank God for a few in media who shine the light of truth on this subject but the vast majority have long ago sold out and revealed themselves as total cowards, submitting to threats, manipulation,  bribes and career enhancements to look the other way.

I’ll ask again.  Who will fight this critical battle if congress and our media won’t? 

As is always in our unique history,  the people rise up, leaders emerge out of no where, carrying the banner of truth and honor.  Evil is finally crushed.  The last few years we have seen the counter balance emerge to deal with the endless corruption, spending and evil.  Welcome our constitutional saviors…..The Tea Party.  Veteran Dale Robertson emerged marching in the streets in D.C., exercising his concern for our country.  His voice and others across the country grew rapidly.  Now we see over 100 million Independent, Tea Party groups meeting, organizing, getting funding and frankly, getting classic conservatives elected.  They are not GOP but old style Americans who make up all races, religions,  political parties and life styles.  They stand for the core of American values and the constitution.

We must demand from our political leaders that sound bites and political theater stop.  The truth is ridiculously obvious and been in all our faces since the beginning.  Obama is ineligible and committing a dangerous and unconstitutional fraud against the American people.  Apparently,  most of our leaders have joined in with the fraud.

‘The people’ and ‘Tea Party’  won’t join in the fraud.  God is raising up those who will take this betrayal on, and not get lost in a sea of self protection and sellout.  Join in the battle with me.  We will get our country back.  Join me each day at and let your voice be heard at

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