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House Republican efforts to repeal the looming incandescent bulb ban

Obama launches bogus TV campaign to save CFL bulbs

By —— Bio and Archives--July 20, 2011

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imageCan you really buy a flat screen TV with the money you supposedly save with CFL light bulbs?

The Department of Energy is sponsoring Ad Council ads to promote CFL light bulbs. Coming on the heels of House Republican efforts to repeal the looming incandescent bulb ban, one of the ads features a couple throwing over a cliff stuff (like a flat screen TV) that they allegedly could have bought with the money saved by CFLs.

But as pointed out by Energy and Environment News,

DOE says upgrading 15 traditional incandescent bulbs to efficient options could save households about $50 a year in energy costs.

I don’t know whether President Obama or Nobel Prize-winning Energy Secretary Steven Chu have been to a store recently but $50 won’t buy too many TVs — or much else of significance.

Moreover, the energy savings of CFLs have been significantly exaggerated as California utility PG&E recently learned.


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