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Jimmy Carter left the Shah of Iran hanging out to dry is Obama about to do the same thing to the people of Iran

Obama Silent About Defending Freedom In Iran

By —— Bio and Archives--June 17, 2009

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The U.K. Telegraph is reporting that leaked reports in Iran are claiming that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the incumbent president, actually placed third in Iran’s recent election, rather than winning with a landslide 63% of the vote. The Iranian government has said that they will be looking into allegations of election fraud, and investigating any evidence of wrong-doing.

In other words, we are supposed to trust the Mullahs to investigate into their own corruption.

Obama has stated he does not want to meddle in Iran’s business. So, he has remained silent about supporting the people demanding freedom in Iran. The protesters, apparently, stand alone. Obama, remember, does not believe America should be a leader in the world, and in fact, blames America for anything he can think of, which was apparent during his apology tour of Europe and the Middle East, recently.

December 1981 martial law was declared in Poland, in an attempt to suppress protesters (Solidarity) fighting for freedom in that nation. The Polish government imprisoned as many of the dissenters as they could, including Solidarity leader Lech Walesa. Like Iran, the tyrannical Polish government tried to suppress the desire for freedom with force and intimidation.

Ronald Reagan did not stand at a podium and state that we needed to keep quiet about what was going on, and he would have never used the word “meddling” as Obama did. Standing up for freedom is not “meddling.”

President Ronald Reagan, upon recognizing the seeds of freedom in Poland, immediately made statements about the wrongness of martial law being declared in order to stifle the voice of freedom. He had a publicized conversation with Pope John Paul II, telling him how deeply America felt for the Pope’s homeland.

Before the week was out Reagan also held a press conference during which he explained the details of the imposition of martial law in Poland, including the ill treatment of the jailed. He relayed to the world how the Polish Soviet puppets were seizing factories, and beating workers. Reagan proclaimed that these actions were specifically designed to stifle the emergence of a freer society in Poland.

Reagan also said, “It would be naive to think this could happen without the full knowledge and the support of the Soviet Union. We’re not naive. We view the current situation in Poland in the gravest of terms, particularly the increasing use of force against an unarmed population and violations of the basic civil rights of the Polish people. Violence invites violence and threatens to plunge Poland into chaos. We call upon all free people to join in urging the Government of Poland to reestablish conditions that will make constructive negotiations and compromise possible. Certainly, it will be impossible for us to continue trying to help Poland solve its economic problems while martial law is imposed on the people of Poland, thousands are imprisoned, and the legal rights of free trade unions — previously granted by the government — are now denied. We’ve always been ready to do our share to assist Poland in overcoming its economic difficulties, but only if the Polish people are permitted to resolve their own problems free of internal coercion and outside intervention.”

Ronald Reagan continued by saying, “Our nation was born in resistance to arbitrary power and has been repeatedly enriched by immigrants from Poland and other great nations of Europe. So we feel a special kinship with the Polish people in their struggle against Soviet opposition to their reforms. The Polish nation, speaking through Solidarity, has provided one of the brightest, bravest moments of modern history. The people of Poland are giving us an imperishable example of courage and devotion to the values of freedom in the face of relentless opposition. Left to themselves, the Polish people would enjoy a new birth of freedom. But there are those who oppose the idea of freedom, who are intolerant of national independence, and hostile to the European values of democracy and the rule of law. Two Decembers ago, freedom was lost in Afghanistan; this Christmas, it’s at stake in Poland. But the torch of liberty is hot. It warms those who hold it high. It burns those who try to extinguish it.”

Reagan was not silent about freedom. He publicly supported those willing to take risks for gaining freedom. He didn’t say we should bomb Poland, and he didn’t say anything about “meddling” in their affairs. But Reagan was not silent about freedom.

America is the shining bastion of freedom. The world sees us as that light for freedom. Our support, and encouragement to peoples fighting to gain a freer society is important, and should be iterated.

Barack Obama’s weak response damages the fights for freedom throughout the world, and dims our image as the beacon for freedom. Reagan chose to stand for freedom, and Obama chose to be silent about freedom. Reagan chose to place verbal pressure, while encouraging other free nations to join him, on the oppressors. Obama chose to allow the oppressors to continue their suppression of freedom, without saying anything that would reveal him as any kind of leader.

Conservatives respect Iranian sovereignty, and understand that their election belongs to them - but freedom belongs to everyone who is willing to fight for it, and as the symbol of freedom to the world, we should stand for freedom, not be careful of what we say in an attempt to hang on to political approval numbers, or so that we don’t make waves that might upset tyrants.

Reagan was a leader, and he stood up as a leader for freedom. Obama is a naive, inexperienced, puppet who desires to rule over America, not govern; and to not make waves anywhere, since he is incapable of being a leader, especially when there is any semblance of a possible confrontation, or any tough decisions to make that might be met with disapproval by somebody, somewhere.

Reagan inspired the Poles to continue their struggle for freedom, which eventually led to the fall of the Iron Curtain, and freedom for Eastern Europe.

Obama has abandoned those desiring freedom in Iran with his careful steps, and unwillingness to stand for freedom - which will kill the drive for freedom in the Middle East before it even has a chance to take root.

Barack would rather act like a community organizer, than President of the United States of America. And for that reason, Obama remains foolishly silent about defending freedom.

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Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary, has been featured on “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Channel, and other television shows and networks.  Doug is a Radio Host on KMET 1490-AM on Saturdays with his Constitution Radio program, as well as a longtime podcaster, conservative political activist, writer and commentator.  Doug can be reached at douglasvgibbs [at] or constitutionspeaker [at]

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