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Drama of Obama

Obama, the Provable Nothing

By —— Bio and Archives November 27, 2011

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imageBarack Hussein Obama hopes to drive his Real People Enemies to distraction by playing golf and shooting hoops during the worst of times.

Even when no one is taking his bait, he hopes for temper tantrums across the fruited plains and other acts of desperation to prove people are intrinsically no damned good.

When word came that 24 troops had been killed in Pakistan over Thanksgiving weekend,  the Biggest Playboy in Human History was off golfing again.

“Look Ma no hands” is “Tragedy and Duty” can’t touch me, Obama style.

“It’s his 30th time golfing this year and the 88th golf outing of his presidency.” (White House Dossier, Nov. 25, 2011).

We could rightfully ask: What presidency?

Always careful to stay just beyond reach, the Drama of Obama, like everything else about him, is anemic.

Obama reminds us of the village idiot who climbs to the highest pinnacle to shout curses down at the masses who are going about the business of the village ignoring the idiot screaming from on high.

The ‘Proving I don’t care’ for Obama is an Act perfected over almost four years. Every once in awhile,  Obama throws his wife into the Act raising the ire of parents who know perfectly well that the noticeably unpleasant,  overbearing Michelle is about as qualified to spout Good Nutrition as would be the morbidly obese Michael Moore.

Obama’s being AWOL from leadership by playing golf and shooting hoops is the number one plank in his ‘Demoralize the Masses Regime’; a failed strategy because in all of the hype of his high wire act, he does nothing to engage ‘the enemy’, who pay him only scant attention no matter how outrageous his antics. 

Obama has only the promise of the radical rules of Saul Alinsky in his Marxist handbook, but being the puppet on a string paid employee of the global elite, he has no absolutely no skin in the game.

Who ever thought when it all started that Obama’s Act would be more transparent than his administration?  Anytime it’s close to what matters to We the People, like Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, that’s when the Drama of Obama is at its most apparent.

Confronting Obama for once and for all, forcing him to own up to the lies and the phoniness that’s been the high mark of his presidency would be akin to trying to nail jelly to a White House wall.  Any of the Republican candidates for presidency would wipe the floor with him in a one-on-one debate, but we somehow get the feeling the debates will never take place.

Missing credentials proving who or what he is notwithstanding, Obama is a phony through and through.  By his very actions that have become more see-through over time, he shows he has no heart, no soul, no empathy for others.

Obama is the kind of guy who would leave the sickbed of a loved one all to play another round of golf and go on to star in his own ice cream slurping photos just to prove that he did.

The atheists who insist this universe and its inhabitants came about from nothing should train serious study on somebody provable as nothing: Barack Hussein Obama.

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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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