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Unlike 2008 when Obama could campaign on vague promises of "Hope and Change" and a penchant for voting "present", this time around he will have to answer for his actions

Obama Will Lose in 2012

By —— Bio and Archives--April 20, 2011

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I don’t think it much matters who runs against Obama in 2012. Unless his opponent throws in the towel like McCain did in 2008 - just think what George Bush would’ve done with Obama’s Marxist background and politically radioactive associations with Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko - I can’t imagine anyone losing to the most vulnerable reelection candidate in American history.

Obama’s crowning achievement, ObamaCare, has already handed out over 1,000 waivers including one for the entire State of Maine, an admission of failure if there ever was one. The anti-war candidate not only massively escalated the war in Afghanistan, he started a brand new one in Libya and the American economy is setting whole new records for worst recovery following a recession.

His economic failures include unemployment, gas prices, deficit, debt, food prices, food stamps, and inflation. Foreign policy is in shambles and US influence around the world is dropping like a rock. He submits our military the will of the UN and turns his back on our allies.

Obama’s successes? Not a one… even his own reelection team couldn’t come up with a single accomplishment to feature in the Obama campaign launch video.

Just by attacking the sham “birth certificate”, Trump has gone from who knows where to almost even with Obama (43-41) in the latest Newsweek/Daily Beast poll. Just let that sink in for a moment… The Donald is down only 2 points to Obama in like 3 weeks as a potential Presidential candidate. That has to be some kind of record.

Obama getting shellacked by a reality TV goof is just the beginning. Seeing the great success that Trump has had with the birth certificate issue, others are sure to follow by exposing more of Obama’s questionable background to public scrutiny. Trump has already brought up the purchase of the Obama home in 2005 with help from convicted Chicago power player Tony Rezko and the ghost writing of Obama’s first book, Dreams from My Father, by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama’s theft of the 2008 Democratic primary would also be an excellent target for Republican candidates.

Even support among his most loyal supporters, African Americans, is starting to fade. His approval ratings in the black community have fallen 5 points in the last 6 months as many are waking up to the fact that Democrat progressive policies hurt them a lot more than they help. All across the northern states African Americans are abandoning failed liberal controlled communities in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, New York and elsewhere, and relocating back to the more conservative south in search of economic opportunity.

Unlike 2008 when Obama could campaign on vague promises of “Hope and Change” and a penchant for voting “present”, this time around he will have to answer for his actions. Obama’s political vulnerabilities are so widespread, so all encompassing that unless his opponent is a real life lawn chair, and even then his reelection wouldn’t be certain, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could lose to the worst President in modern times.

Fred Dardick -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Fred Dardick got a BS in Biology at Boston University and MS in Biology at Stanford University before deciding that science bored him. He now runs a staffing company in Chicago where he is much happier now.

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