Physicians form society to challenge AMA and ObamaCare

By —— Bio and Archives October 12, 2010

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Each passing day seems to bring to the surface one complaint or outright refusal to accept and adopt the fiscal monstrosity of ObamaCare that was sneaked through the Congress during a night-time session last Summer with the help of several constituent betraying, conservative pretending, nick-named Blue Dog Democrats who, in order to get elected, promised to be at a minimum, fiscally conservative.

Well as the old saying goes, a political promise is about as valid as a brothel resident’s promise of a “good time.”  They take your money (vote) and leave you breathless with expectation, but rarely produce any joy.

In the October 11, 2010 online edition of the an article by Jim Kouri titled, “Physicians form society to challenge AMA and ObamaCare” displayed a photo at the beginning showing demonstrators with a large banner stating: “SPEAK UP AMERICA - HEALTHCARE IS OUR RIGHT” with the apparent sponsor name “American Medical Student Association” (AMSA) and a superimposed photo of Barack Obama captioned, “Most Americans want government out of their bedrooms and out of hospital operating rooms.” 

The AMSA is a group of some 68,000 medical students in training to become medical doctors, showing me, at least, that here are young people who aren’t even in the business of medical care as yet, protesting Obama’s intrusion in their chosen field of endeavor; and not liking it. 

So if these fledgling ‘wannabee’ MDs are already complaining about Obamacare, can the real, with wall certificates to prove it, bona fide medical doctors be very far behind?  The answer is NO; and in a big way as is put forth in Kouri’s column mentioned above who stated that while Obama and his cohorts in Congress gave the impression that the “nation’s physicians who were members of the AMA” (American Medical Association) had endorsed this medical “power grab”.

But as Kouri points out, “What Obama’s transparent White House failed to mention is that most of this nation’s practicing medical doctors are NOT members of the AMA.”  There are some who say that the percentage of medical doctors who are members of AMA is less than ten percent of the total number of doctors in America including “Adam F. Dorin, M.D., MBA, founder of Physicians Against ObamaCare and co-founder of the National Doctors Tea Party.”

I was heartened as I read that last organizational title accompanying Dr. Dorin’s name.  I will repeat it: ‘Physicians Against ObamaCare and the National Doctor’s Tea Party.”  One great title with two great objectives considering that in some quarters there are estimates of close to 7 out of every 10 Americans who would willingly support both of these end designs. Hail Dr. Dorin.

The Tea Party part is particularly intriguing to think that a group of professional medical practitioners with degrees to show are in agreement with so many millions of Tea, as in Taxed Enough Already, Party Patriots and conservative followers of good governance. 

Can anybody forget those so obviously phony and “doctored” TV spots Obama and company had shown on many occasions in the weeks and months leading up to the day of the vote for this budget-busting scheme that will destroy the finest health care system present anywhere in the world right here in the United States? 

The bunches of “doctors” in their white lab coats and prominent stethoscopes were meant to prey on Mary and John Q. Public’s minds, intending to show that ALL doctors were in approval.  While there may have been some White House doctors directed to appear, most were more likely bit part actors with no speaking lines.

But as we have become more aware, the Obama Administration and his Congressional cohorts are expert in pushing the lie; a common staple in liberal circles.

What we might see in the days to come is an AMSA (remember? American Medical Student Association) Tea Party.  That would be an exciting event to witness all of those young, energetic and enthusiastic future purveyors of medicine marching along with their fellow conservative Tea Party Patriots.

In the meantime, we will have to be content with hearing about the ever-increasing complaints and the negatives being uncovered in the ObamaCareCatastrophe.  First it was McDonald’s who said they would opt out of the plan, then Jack-in-the-Box, while more and more states are planning legal actions to allow their residents to “opt out” of the excessively binding rules in the Act.

And have you noticed how many liberal Democrats running for election or reelection are not only distancing themselves from ObamaCare but show are downright disapproval of it?  Of course, as most liberals often do, if elected they will no doubt claim to have been “misquoted.”

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