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Is President Obama, in essence, encouraging harm against the very country that he swore an oath to protect?

Obama’s Arizona Stance Borders Treason

By —— Bio and Archives--May 26, 2010

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imageWithout a hint of hesitation after Arizona passed their new immigration law, President Obama immediately condemned our 48th State by calling Arizona’s new immigration law misdirected, troubling, and potentially discriminatory. What followed was an onslaught of protests and proposed boycotts against Arizona from New York to Los Angles filled with allegations of hate and racism over their new immigration law. So the question that remains is; by standing idly by while all this is taking place, is President Obama, in essence, encouraging harm against the very country that he swore an oath to protect?

A reading of the United States Constitution, Article IV section 4 should leave no doubt as to the President’s duty and obligation to each and every state in the union: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

President Obama has purposefully chosen not to intervene with Arizona’s Governor to try and resolve this volatile issue nor has he spoken out against any financial sanctions currently imposed or proposed against the state of Arizona. Neither has the President commented on, spoken against, nor tried to quell the incendiary hate speech and acts of violence that occurred at several protests across the country. The President has kept silent while both domestic and foreign leaders continue their overt condemnation of the state of Arizona and its citizens.

Adding insult to injury, President Obama stood on the lawn of the White House and not only listened to Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon make allegations of discrimination against Arizona and its citizens, but whole heartedly agreed with President Calderon’s statements.

The President then had the audacity to allow President Calderon to address a joint session of congress and reiterate his charges of discrimination where Obama’s administration accomplices, along with a majority of Democrats, rose to a standing ovation as President Felipe Calderon condemned the state of Arizona and its people.

In the face of all these actions against Arizona and its citizens, the President continues to reiterate his original allegations regarding Arizona’s new immigration law at every chance he gets, thus allowing what was originally only a spark of racial dissent and anger against the state of Arizona and its citizens, to grow into a full raging fire across our nation and around the world.

By choosing not to intervene to peaceably resolve the potential crisis and allowing anger and racial fervor to continue to escalate across the country and around the world against the state of Arizona and its citizens, President Obama becomes willfully complicit in any and all social unrest, possible violence, and economic harm to Arizona and its citizens that may result from this point forward.

Not taking seriously the sovereignty of the United States of America and the constitutional obligations to protection its borders is a serious enough indictment against President Obama and his administration, but total compliance by President Obama of unjust and imminent harm, in any aspect, to any state or citizen of the United States of America, is at the least despicable, and at the most treason.

Whether he likes it or not, Barack Obama was elected President of “the United States,” not President of “the select states,” and he swore an oath as president to protect and defend the constitution and citizens of the entire United States of America.

These kinds of brazen and incendiary tactics may have been acceptable to Barack Obama as a local community organizer in Chicago, but there may be very serious consequences for using them in the executive office of the United States of America.

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Neil Braithwaite writes political commentary and satire.

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