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Mr. Soros is most distressed by the president's war on terrorism

Obama’s Boss Demands Show Trials

By —— Bio and Archives--November 23, 2009

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Attorney General Eric Holder’s abominable plot to try self proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) in a New York criminal court is an affront but not inscrutable.  Team O is, as in all other policies, doing the bidding of Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazi collaborator, George Soros; he’s been a rabid critic of the war on terror for years.

Soros has always thought we made much too commotion about 9/11, which he insists is just a “single event”.  He sees 9/11 as no more iniquitous than making prisoners wear underwear on their heads.  As an active contributor to the Final Solution (Obamanutz), Soros manifestly regards the extermination of 3000 Americans singularly uninspiring:

“In fact, Mr. Soros, while conceding that the Sept. 11 attack was a bad thing, wonders why Americans got quite so upset about it. ‘How could a single event, even if it involved three thousand civilian casualties, have such a far-reaching effect?’  he asks, apparently sincerely. The answer seems to lie ‘not so much in the event itself but in the way the United States, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, responded to it.’”

Byron York explains the Soros Doctrine for dealing with terrorism:

“Mr. Soros is most distressed by the president’s war on terrorism. He feels that, in general, the U.S. should deal with the terrorist threat by giving out more foreign aid, enacting more equitable trade laws and being a more constructive, cooperative member of the world community. Mr. Soros argues that the U.S. should have treated the Sept. 11 attacks as a criminal matter, not an act of war. ’Crime requires police work, not military action,’ he writes.”

Soros certainly puts his money where his mouth is.  Among the recipients of his largesse are various terrorist dregs as well as convicted terrorist co-conspirator attorney, Lynne Stewart.

Senator Lindsey Graham asked Eric Holder forthrightly if he could cite a single prior case in which an enemy combatant like KSM had been tried in a criminal court.  If Lindsey Graham can make you sputter and writhe, your reasoning must be pretty puerile.

Of course Holder had no answer because there wasn’t one.  There is no precedent for trying enemy combatants in criminal courts.

Graham’s fait accompli came when he asked a befuddled Holder whether he would try Osama bin Laden in a criminal court.  That question bared the fatuousness of the entire enterprise.
The whole show trial scheme is yet another placation offering to Soros who craves the opportunity to prosecute the Bush administration:

“’A fund-raising letter has revealed one of the leading figures pushing for an investigation of alleged U.S. torture of terror suspects following 9/11: leftist billionaire-financier George Soros.

Officials at the Open Society Institute, which was founded by Soros in 1993 to promote progressive causes around the globe and which bills itself as ‘a Soros Foundation Network,’ issued an e-mail to supporters yesterday announcing the creation of a new organization called the Commission on Accountability.“

On its Web site, the Commission on Accountability demands an ‘independent, non-partisan’  investigation of ‘torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees.’”

The only defense Holder can proffer for his bedlamite attitude is the one his boss favors:  to change the way the world sees the United States.

Obama supporters still chant that one when pressed to name a single thing their inamorata has done right:  “He’s changing the way the world sees us!”

Obama has most assuredly changed the way the world sees America.  To date, America has not benefitted one whit from this new vision.

But that’s not the point.  All that matters is keeping Obama’s boss happy.

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Joy Tiz,, has been quoted by Ann Coulter, as heard on Lou Dobbs radio, The Rusty Humphries Show, Bill Cunningham, KSFO in San Francisco, WOR in New York, Premiere Radio Networks, Air America and other major shows.

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