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The complexity of Obamacare has the administration way behind schedule

Obama’s Federal Government Behind Schedule Implementing Health Care Law

By —— Bio and Archives--November 22, 2012

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For a law of nearly 3,000 pages, the Affordable Care Act was poorly written.  Since the law was thrown together in a manner aimed at appeasing special interests, the Health Care law itself has been an obstacle in its own implementation. With the avalanche of new regulations on the horizon, conveniently hidden from the American People (remember, Pelosi said we had to pass it to know what was in it), the stifling impact of the regulations coming that will kill jobs, plunge our economy into turmoil, and turn this nation into a totalitarian state is eclipsed only by the absolute chaos that accompanies the attempt by the federal government to implement this monstrosity.

As a result of the complexity of the bill, the inconsistencies of the bill, and the massive onslaught of mandates and regulations, the Obama administration is well behind their own self-imposed schedule of implementing the law.  This failure is yet another clear indicator that the federal government is willing to push through as quickly as possible, regardless of how inept, Obamacare, not because they believe in the law so much, but because it is their intention to destroy the private market health care system.

The regulations coming in January of 2013 will influence every single business in America. The destructive nature of these regulations has businesses scrambling for cover, to change their workforce from full-time to part-time to minimize the impact of Obamacare on their businesses.  In the law there is even 18-pages designated to define what a full-time employee is. What this tells us is that Obamacare is not so much about health care as it is about instituting a collective controlling mechanism that will enable the federal government to control individual decisions across the board.

The regulations and mandates are akin to similar big government plans in history in other governments, and each time they equaled totalitarianism once fully in place.

To move towards the golden calf of single-payer, a system where the government is the sole funding agent of health care, all competing payers must be eliminated.  Therefore, the first goal of Obamacare is to destroy the private sector, and then re-engineer the health care system.  The thousands of pages of regulations dictate to the private system rules that they possibly can’t survive under, and as the maze of new regulations forces their hand, pushing them to operate in a manner damaging to business, one by one the insurance companies will fall, leaving alone as the only option for health care the Affordable Care Act.

The programs are set to begin in 2014, while the taxes and regulations go into effect this January.  The goal is to initiate the private industry’s destruction for a year before the Obamacare programs actually go into action.  However, the complexity of Obamacare has the administration way behind schedule.

The delay was also largely affected by the election, because the administration wanted to wait until after the election before the early vestiges of the damaging onslaught of regulations went into play.  If launched too early, the rules that would surely be considered controversial, and possibly negatively influence the President’s chances for re-election.

As employers scramble with a team of lawyers to survive the implementation of Obamacare, instituting plans to cut hours, and let a number of employees go, between the loss of employee hours and the cost of the fines imposed by the federal government, some companies will go out of business altogether with their profit margins wiped out by the intrusive law.

An obstacle to the federal government implementing the health care law is the creation of the exchanges that are required by Obamacare, which will be used to begin enrolling members on October 1, 2013.  The States are required to set up the exchanges, but if they don’t, the responsibility falls upon the federal government in each of those States.  However, the way the law is written, there is no funding mechanism which enables the federal government to follow through with the creation of exchanges. Also, there is not enough information regarding the framework of these exchanges, so many States are hesitating simply due to the lack of information.  The Republican Governors Association even went so far as writing a letter to the Obama administration last July, which stated, “As the exchange issue is currently interpreted, states are essentially being tasked with shouldering all the responsibility without any authority.”  The letter posed a number of questions on how the exchanges were supposed to be designed, and the governors were hesitant in implementing exchanges in their States without having the “full and complete knowledge of all the implications of our decision.”

The governors, so far, have received no reply.

With the re-election of Barack Obama into the White House, however, there is no doubt that the implementation of the law, despite the failing time clock, and the obtrusive nature of the law, is forthcoming.  The republicans in the House of Representatives may be able to delay the move with defunding strategies, but we stand at the doorstep of the ultimate destruction of the private health care industry, and the creation of a single-payer system in America where the federal government is the sole funding agent for health care, and in turn the sole controlling entity over any and all actions and activities by individuals considered by the government an influence on their health.

Hope, however, is not lost.  Not only is it possible for Obamacare to collapse under the weight of its own complexity as it attempts to re-engineer one-sixth of our economy into a totalitarian system of health care, but also the States have not fired their final round.  Though Barack Obama won the presidential election, in local elections around the country the republicans were the landslide winners.  As these local governments continue to turn red, and the number of republican governors increases, the likelihood that the States will exercise their constitutional authority to nullify the unconstitutional Obamacare law increases.  And if more than half of the States refuse to fully implement the Affordable Care Act, it will neutralize the powers of the federal government through the health care law, while emboldening the States to continue to take charge, and take control, of their rightful place as sovereign States, and the final arbiters of the United States Constitution.

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