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Tune Obama out, then vote him out by defeating as many of his Dem and RINO supporters as possible on November 2

Obama’s “forceful” support of Ground Zero Mosque already changing

By —— Bio and Archives--August 16, 2010

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imageDoesn’t the look on Obama’s face in today’s Drudge Report cover story, detailing that Obama is “forcefully” approving the Ground Zero Mosque, say it all?

In the caption of the Drudge photo, Obama in effect, wishes us all “As-Salumu Alaykum” from the White House.  At least he’s not shouting “Alu Akbar!”  Yet.

Nineteen months on, Barack and Michelle seem to be flouting an “if looks could kill” lifestyle.

Problem is that no matter how hard anybody tries, looks don’t kill.

The best advice for dealing with President Community Organizer and his self-centered First Lady comes directly from the commonsense rules of Alcoholics Anonymous,  always there to remind us that raging drunks perform best in front of a captive audience.  “As soon as it is safe to do so, remove yourself from the scene,” is sound AA advice.

Not good enough for Barack Obama to totally Transform America or to trash the Constitution, in typical Marxist style, he has to do everything to demoralize the common people he regards as the enemy;  to leave them in abject despair.

But Americans remain in focus and keep their eyes turned to November.  The heat wave sapping energy in so many places will soon be replaced by Fall’s cooler temperatures;  the green will turn into the red and gold pageant of Fall.  As sure as sunrise, November is coming, and Obama’s time clock is ticking just like anybody else’s.

Fighting Obama starts with the same strategy as dealing with the attention-demanding alcoholic.  It starts by not providing him an audience.

For after 19 long months, there is nothing new under the sun about Barack Hussein Obama.

His repeated, un-American attacks on America have never changed.

Many knew before he “forcefully”, “strongly” endorsed the Ground Zero Mosque that he seemed to much prefer the Islamic way to the Christian one.

Comical to see him trying to backpedal his way out of the forceful endorsement of the Mosque from yet another vacation.  His constant use of “Let me be clear” has never been more clear.

Actions always speak so much louder than words.  Especially the words of Marxist politicians with Messiah delusions.

The name of the game looms large on the horizon: Tune Obama out, then vote him out by defeating as many of his Dem and RINO supporters as possible on November 2.

What’s that you say about the midterms perhaps not even coming to pass?

Americans will deal with that should some manufactured catastrophe postpone them.

There are some who fear that even without the Dems and RINOS,  Obama will just continue the Transformation of America through Executive Order.

Americans will deal with that too.  Then they will go out and get Obama in 2012 presidential elections.

Even as the Obamas eat their way, vacation their way, spend their way and lob Friday night shocks at Americans and Freedom lovers everywhere, who count on the stability of America, the masses remain focused.

Times are tough.  It’s getting harder to hold onto jobs and to come up with mortgage and rent payments.  But so, too, have good and decent people survived the tough times of the past.

Folk can take heart that even in the struggle of survival times have changed dramatically since Nov. 4, 2008.  And in the passing of ordinary time, which no one can change, everything has now come full circle.  Average Americans and the Obamas have much in common.  Call it Hope and Change.


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