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Why Official French & English Bilingualism is exclusively an anti-English War:

Official French and English Bilingualism – The War

By —— Bio and Archives--July 9, 2012

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1. No unilingual Canadian French or English speaker may obtain employment in any part of the federal civil service, a Crown Corporation or any major contractor wishing to do business with the Federal Government.

2. No member of the Canadian armed forces may be promoted above the rank of Major unless they are fluently bilingual

What’s Warlike about that?  The above are government suppressed facts backed by a supine leftist media.  Ask the average Canadian about their opinion on the language issue and he or she will say, “So if you want to join the forces or get a job in the civil service, get your act together and learn the other language, I think learning two languages is a good thing.” Some will say, “I don’t believe that, you must be wrong,”

Unfortunately, most Canadians do not realize is that after 40 years of enormous expenditures (trillions of taxpayer’s dollars), virtually no significant change has taken place in the numbers of “self-declared” bilingual citizens (Statistics Canada’s Census).  That number remains stubbornly at approximately 17% of Canadians and of those 17 percentage points approximately 12 are French background Canadien or French or France’s former colonial immigrant French-speakers.

“Self declared” means the individual census respondent may have indicated that they understand or can write some French.  It is unlikely however that most could pass the federal requirements because that examining board is made up of Canadien French speakers and they are strict, especially towards persons who do not have a French or French-Canadien background.  An English speaking examining board does not exist to examine for English competency. 

What the average unilingual uninformed English-speaking Canadian does NOT comprehend is that their innocent off-hand statement, “So learn French if you want to get a government job etc.,” will condemn 95% of all English-only speakers to be ruled by the other 5% Canadien bilinguals who are overwhelmingly of French background in an odious Canadian national prisoner-of-war camp of lifetime serfdom.

The tragedy is that the great bulk of these massive language expenditures are paid for by English-speaking Canadians to finance this cultural war against themselves and their families.  The great bulk of the money is spent financing our Quebecois English-cleansing enemies.  Not one single dollar is spent to help English-speakers fight back. 

It is as if Quebec, an anti-WW2 province, had persuaded our governments to send all Canadian wartime taxes to the fascists of Italy and the national socialists of Germany to defeat les maudis Anglais. 

Former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau in this one simple statement explained the objective of the current ethnic cleansing war precisely:  “Unilingual Anglophones will be sentenced to a lifetime of job immobility.”

This War against the “English” was Trudeau’s plan from long before the day he and his henchmen came to Ottawa and took over all the key ministries of government.  Among these Quebecois “Generals” of national takeover were the following; let them speak for themselves;

Jean-Luc Pepin in 1970,- Minister of Trade and Commerce;

“We were a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Lalonde, Chrétien, and myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 in total.  We were bringing off a revolution!  We held the key posts.  We were making the civil service, kicking and screaming at the time, bilingual. We were a well organized group of revolutionaries, just like them.” (ref. to the FLQ)

Serge Joyal, Minister of State Trudeau’s cabinet 1982 also told us;

“Everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French State is part of a venture I shared for many years with a number of people! The idea, the challenge of making Canada a French Country both inside and outside Quebec – an idea that some people consider a little bit crazy,-this is something beyond ordinary imagination!”

Did Prime Minister Chrétien support this War?  Yes, he appointed the traitor Serge Joyal to the Senate.  Joyal also was awarded the Order of Canada, he is a Chevalier in France’s Legion d”Honneur and also an Officer of the Order of Quebec. 

These Quebecois Generals and their replacements, lined up against English Canada also keep Quebec under control by making sure that Quebec understands the Federal Government (English enablers and French) is on their side by allowing Quebec their anti-English stab-in-the-back ethnic cleansing guerilla warfare to proceed unobstructed all across Canada. Think about these double standards:

3. Official Bilingualism does not exist in the Province of Quebec, also now granted the status The Nation of Quebecand declaring itself a unilingual Canadien-French only province – the only such unilingual province in Canada.

4. The Province of New Brunswick has declared itself an Officially Bilingual province.  About 30% are French-Canadien Speakers and are also recruits to the War against their English-speaking fellow citizens.  The heavy hand of Quebec infiltrators are known to be operating in New Brunswick. A linguistic-cultural war now rages. 

The War against the English – News from the Front

The Russell Township, Ontario Appeal Court case of Galganov and Brisson was lost.  The costs awarded to the township are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Justice in this war hinges on who can bankrupt whom, the individual citizen or the State.  Our volunteer citizen forces need a financial saviour or the State will always win.

Cornwall, Ontario:  Our forces against English–speaker unemployment, fighting the retrograde forced bilingualism army of Canadiennes et Canadien employees at the Cornwall Community Hospital is very active.  The following is a report from the Cornwall Free News (CFN):

“Being part of the CCH Bilingual Nurse protest is a bit like being the fat guy or gal in high college.  They get laid, but nobody wants to own it.  While Chris Cameron and his team get a lot of pats on the back and emails of support those same people don’t always ”publicly” show their support.

Comments about being worried for their jobs are the most prominent which is why they’re so happy with people like South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis popped up to the rally to show his support.

The second CCH Saturday rally was in sweltering heat.  I arrived early and did a walk and talk with some of the crowd.

No real progress has been made.  The hospital and most politicians are trying to ostrich their way through this controversial protest and subject. One can feel a larger picture. It’s a societal question of social engineering. 

If we truly are all meant to be functioning at a high level of French to gain better employment or advancement in Ontario shouldn’t our schools be turning out all graduating students with those skills?  Does it make any sense for parents to put their kids through a local college and have to send them away to gain employment?

From the protesters and those signing the petition it doesn’t look like these types of questions will be going away any time soon.”  (End of CFN report)

New Brunswick:  Our English-speaking forces are once again organizing new political regiments to fight Forced Official Bilingualism. They face many internal problems including “agent provocateurs” from Quebec as well as their own English-speaking Quislings, federal, provincial, municipal and most of their major corporate interests. 

It has been a long battle due to the joint history of their colonial era French and Acadian settlement and their Roman Catholic priest-led attacks upon New England settlers whose colonial history also straddles some 400 years.

These terrible massacres of English settlers led to countermeasures by the British Army and Navy and British-American colonial forces against the invaders that originated not only from the Maritimes but from Montreal and Quebec, the heart of New France.  The result was the elimination of New France from North America.

The removal of the Acadians in the context of all that history and then later, especially after the American revolution, when the huge influx of Loyalists were resettled in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick created the foundation for the conflicts of today.  The war in New Brunswick is but an extension of the war begun by Trudeau and his “Generals” to reverse history. 

Perhaps the best description that I have read of the current situation stemming from the P.E. Trudeau era is by Emery Fanjoy who was Secretary to the Council of Maritime Premiers.  His paper has been updated to May18, 2012.

Emery’s description seems rational; however I suspect he or the updating authors continue to blindly extol a positive outcome to what is now an outright lingustic cultural war being waged by French background New Brunswick citizens against their English-speaking neighbours.  Official Bilingualism is their not so secret, smiley faced weapon of mass destruction. 

All Canadians of the English-Speaking variety, regardless of ethnicity must join this battle.  Without financial aid from our taxes or other counter-strike weapons, our troops are struggling.  They need help now! 

Our governments and their elitist big-buck backers believe that the cultural cleansing Quebecois and New Brunswickers of French origin must be placated, even if the Canada of fairness and justice is destroyed.  Our English-speaking warriors do not agree.  They will stand and fight. Watch for further news.  Keep us up to date.

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Dick Field, editor of Blanco’s Blog, is the former editor of the Voice of Canadian Committees and the Montgomery Tavern Society, Dick Field is a World War II veteran, who served in combat with the Royal Canadian Artillery, Second Division, 4th Field Regiment in Belgium, Holland and Germany as a 19-year-old gunner and forward observation signaller working with the infantry. Field also spent six months in the occupation army in Northern Germany and after the war became a commissioned officer in the Armoured Corps, spending a further six years in the Reserves.

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