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The media’s ooohing and aahhhing about Obama’s new tough terrorism talk is the height of nincompoopery

Okay, The Buck Stops Here- Now Shut Up About It

By —— Bio and Archives--January 8, 2010

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Mouthing the words “I take responsibility” should be in no way construed to mean that Barack Obama takes one scintilla of responsibility for the Christmas Day jihadist attack on America.  What the president meant was:  Okay, I get it. People want me to make believe I take this terrorism thing seriously.  If I say the right words, everyone will just shut up about it and let me go back to wrecking the economy.

The media’s ooohing and aahhhing about Obama’s new tough terrorism talk is the height of nincompoopery.  Like all radicals, Obama’s true jeremiad is with the CIA, not the terrorists. 

By the way, Mr. President, there is no hostile nation called Al Qaeda with a flag and national anthem.  Obama’s phantasmagoric palaver about how we are “at war with Al Qaeda” was entirely spurious.  We are not at war with Al Qaeda.  We are most assuredly at war with Islamic jihad.  Al Qaeda is not a country, nor is it corporate HQ for jihad.  Instead, it is a loose coalition of numerous elements providing funding and training for Islamic terrorism worldwide.  While Al Qaeda is regarded in the barbarian community as the most prestigious of their international organizations, it is by no means the sole arbiter of all things jihadi.  We are at war with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and every lone actor and splinter group dedicated to the destruction of the United States. 

Obama intentionally mislabels the war against jihad as a war against al Qaeda because that’s the only way he can make America’s need to defend herself even marginally palatable to his anti-American radical base.

Obama can’t declare war on Islamic jihad:  his boss won’t let him.  Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazi collaborator, George Soros has been a rabid critic of the war on terror for years.

Soros has always thought we made much too commotion about 9/11, which he insists is just a “single event”.  He sees 9/11 as no more iniquitous than making prisoners wear underwear on their heads.  As an active contributor to the Final Solution (Obamanutz), Soros manifestly regards the extermination of 3000 Americans singularly uninspiring:

Byron York explains the Soros doctrine: 

“In fact, Mr. Soros, while conceding that the Sept. 11 attack was a bad thing, wonders why Americans got quite so upset about it. ‘How could a single event, even if it involved three thousand civilian casualties, have such a far-reaching effect?’  he asks, apparently sincerely. The answer seems to lie ‘not so much in the event itself but in the way the United States, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, responded to it.’”

The Obama administrations plans to try KSM in a civilian court is more alms-giving to Soros.  There is no precedent for trying enemy combatant in civilian courts.

“Mr. Soros is most distressed by the president’s war on terrorism. He feels that, in general, the U.S. should deal with the terrorist threat by giving out more foreign aid, enacting more equitable trade laws and being a more constructive, cooperative member of the world community. Mr. Soros argues that the U.S. should have treated the Sept. 11 attacks as a criminal matter, not an act of war. ’Crime requires police work, not military action,’ he writes.”

Soros certainly puts his money where his mouth is.  Among the recipients of his largesse are various terrorist dregs as well as convicted terrorist co-conspirator attorney, Lynne Sweet.

Adopting the Soros policy toward terrorism has put America in the unimaginable position of potentially entering a plea bargain with Christmas Day panty bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  Once in custody, Abdulmutallab was happily chattering away with authorities, as bedlamites are apt to do.  Rather than allow young Umar to keep talking in hopes of collecting information that may thwart a few more terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, Obama’s Holder-Led justice department saw to it that the junior jihadi got his Miranda rights and a lawyer, who promptly shut down the dialog.

If Soros didn’t hand pick Eric Holder for the Justice Department, he surely was jubilant about having a terrorist-friendly Department of Justice.  Michelle Malkin reminds us about Holder’s obvious conflicts of interest arising from his senior partnership with Covington & Burling: 

“If you’ve been paying attention, you already know all about AG Eric Holder and his DOJ staff’s national security conflict of interest as senior partner with Covington & Burling — the prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm, which represents 17 Yemenis currently held at Gitmo.” 

Now that Abdulmutallab has been defined by Team Soros as a mere criminal;  instead of interrogating him when we had the chance, the government is now in the untenable position of having to offer plea bargains in exchange for information.  We will have to consider ourselves lucky if the wayward youth doesn’t get to plead down to misdemeanor vandalism and get sentenced to probation.

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