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My walk with our Lord

Our King Still Reigns!

By —— Bio and Archives November 9, 2012

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Good morning to all our friends. We hope this day finds you all doing very well.

Here in “sunny” Florida, it’s just that…SUNNY! It’s an absolutely beautiful start to another day! Though it reached 41 here at the house, things are going to warm up nicely, with the coming week being in the low 80’s for the high.

Most know that my walk with our Lord is literally in its infancy stage. Yes…I’ve always believed, shoot, I’ve talked to Him daily for years now, sometimes several times a day. Yet, I really never came to know His word.

In all honesty, so many of you have become so close and dear to my heart. We’ve laughed, joked, and shared many things this past year and a half or so. In Deb’s regard, we’ve even shared tears together. You all have been so much help and support to both Deb and I, and I could never, ever, repay you guys for such concern and love you’ve given me.

It has been awesome, but the incredible thing to Deb and I both was simply that you guys, in all reality…didn’t even know us. We were in the true sense of the word…total strangers. Yet, through the kindness in your heart, your love shown was not only sincere, but heartfelt!

I know on many occasions that Deb would come up to me and make the statement, “I can FEEL their love!” Honestly, through your contact…I could as well!

Thank you all so very, very much!

My walk with God is because of you guys once more, at least to a heavy extent. SO MANY of you talked with me on this subject, and through, once more, your love and concern for me, you’ve blessed me once again!


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Note to Readers: There are a few things that Dub doesn’t know but one thing he does know is that the word ‘Riding’ (as in Riding Out the Recession) is spelled with a ‘g’ at the end.  But Dub not only walks the walk, but speaks like he is: down home, true blue, and plain speakin’ country folk.

Dub and Deb are both native Floridians, live in Central Florida, and run a small business as well. They have five children, and seven grandchildren.

Both love to cook, love to laugh, grow a garden, and generally try to “aggravate” most anyone around them basically…all in good fun, of course!

Dub and Deb can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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