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How to make sure you've got them

S.U.P.E.R. people

By --September 26, 2017

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Any business or organization that is successful depends on having super people who are working as hard, conscientiously and with as much dedication as you are.

Working hard is putting in as much time as needed to get the job done, and working smart. Conscientious people are aware and committed to the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish. And dedicated people don’t leave you or quit at the first sign of a ripple in the business.

Here’s how I sum up these qualities as a working model of success with super people working with you and for you:

S.  Show them that you care about them as a person. Sometimes it’s the little things that say you care. Giving them extra time off when needed, taking them out to lunch unexpectedly, or giving them a cash gift that they will not have to report to Uncle Sam.

U.  Unexpected praise. Don’t wait until its formal review time to try to recall all the things someone did right or great doing their job. Unexpected and spontaneous compliments are more impactful than planned performance reviews. Immediate accolades are better than delayed accolades.

P.  People matter. Sickness, deaths and kids can have unexpected emotional and time impacts on people. Show some sensitivity. Allow them the time to deal with unexpected situations, without them abusing it.

E. Exercise common sense. Not all rules and regulations are in the company manual, if you have one. “What would you want or do in a similar situation?” should immediately come to mind.

R.  Remind them of the big picture and how they contribute to that goal. Super people want to know what the objectives and milestones are, so they can feel a part of something bigger than their job.

This is not rocket science. This is based on my 50 years of working with people and achieving the best out of everybody who needed to be in the organization. Yes, there were times when people had to go, because that’s one of your greatest responsibilities as the head of the organization.

You don’t have to be a super man or super woman to achieve super results. You just need to have S.U.P.E.R. people.

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