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Save Canada’s last World War II motor torpedo boat - MTB 486

By —— Bio and Archives--December 4, 2012

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Hello Friends and Colleagues:

The CCFT has just launched a major fund raising drive to save Canada’s last World War II motor torpedo boat - MTB 486!

She was formerly commanded by LCdr C. Tony Law, the Senior Officer of the 29th Canadian MTB Flotilla from 1944 to 1945. The flotilla lost seven vessels and forty-two men during and after D-Day, and we are saving this boat, not only to act as a memorial to the men of the RCN who fought at D-Day, but to add to Canada’s shamefully diminutive collection of preserved warships. (The USA has over 75, the UK almost 30 and even Australia has eight. Canada has only four). It is amazing that a Canadian MTB has survived over sixty-five years since the war ended. It would be tragic to lose her now.

Our campaign, called the Crash Start! Campaign.

Please consider contributing to save One of Canada’s last surviving WWII warships, and please spread the word with friends and colleagues about MTB 486. Many thanks for your help!

Yours aye,

Nicholas CM Armstrong, CD
President, CCFT

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