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How to Take Back America Conference, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum

Taking Back America

By —— Bio and Archives--September 26, 2009

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imageSt. Louis, Missouri—The How to Take Back America Conference got underway here today at the Frontenac Hilton.  It is sponsored by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, which she founded in 1967. 

This year’s assemblage has gathered together a number of different organizations with a unified focus of love for God and America.  It is the largest Eagle Forum convention ever held.

Things got underway early this afternoon with a prayer, and songs performed by Rick Heil, the lead singer for the popular contemporary Christian band, Sonic Flood.

The first speaker was Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.).  General Boykin was one of the original members of Delta Force, and was at one time in command of the U.S. .Army’s Special Forces.  He is an ordained minister with a passion for spreading the “Good News.”

After describing the recent losses of such Christian luminaries as Dr. D.J. Kennedy, and Jerry Falwell, General told the audience “Now it’s our turn.  If you think someone else will do it—you’re wrong.  God has left a remnant, and we’re it.  It’s time for us to stand up to the plate.”

He continued, “You need to ask yourself, ‘What price am I willing to pay?’  What are you prepared to give up for America?  Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?”

After saying that “There is no greater threat to America than Islam,” the general listed several things every patriotic American can, and should do:  1) Get educated, 2) Get involved, and 3) Pray for America. 

Boykin suggested several good places to educate yourself regarding Islam, among them are: American Congress for Truth,  and Jihad Watch.

He suggested that each of us “Take Ten” every day—ten minutes each day to pray for America. 

The next speaker was Dr. Rick Scarborough, a passionate and inspiring preacher.  He told the crowd, “We’re not smart enough to take this country back.  Only God can do that!”

He said, “To take this country back to the glory of God is the only reason I’m here—and it should be the only reason you’re here.”

After Dr. Scarborough finished his talk…well, the word “talk” doesn’t do it justice—I would call it an inspired and inspiring sermon.  At any rate, after he finished it, the audience split up, and went to any of the several workshops offered. 

The first workshop that I attended was “How to Defend America vs. Missle Attack,” hosted by former S.F. 49er (three Super Bowl rings) Riki Ellison.  Besides being a former NFL player, Riki Ellison is also the Chairman and Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA).

Suffice it to say that America’s missile defensive capability has seen better days.  The Obama Administration has a nifty missile defense in the works, but it’s not slated to come online until around 2020.  North Korea and Iran will probably have ICBMs with nuclear warheads within the year.  You do the math.

We also got to watch a DVD put out by The Heritage Foundation, called “33 Minutes.”  33 minutes is the amount of warning the U.S. will have have to react to a missile launch from say, Iran. 

The next workshop that I went to was on radical feminism, hosted by Suzanne Venker, and Phylllis Schlafly.  Vecker’s talk was both informative and lively, but if there is one subject that Phyllis Schlafly “owns,” this is it, so I’ll focus on her words.

Lest anyone have any doubts, she started out her talk by saying, “Eagle Forum took on the feminists when no one else would.  Fighting feminists is still our main object.”  No beating around the bush there.

Mrs. Schlafly chided Vecker for using the term “women’s movement.”  “It’s the feminist movement,” she said.  I felt a twinge of sympathy for Vecker, because, I too, have used the term “women’s movement”.  But no more—I have seen the light.

Two quotes should serve to give you a good idea of the general tenor of the talk:  “Feminism is the biggest social ill in our country today,” and “Feminism is the most destructive force in the world.”

Kudos to Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum members, for fighting a long, often lonely, battle—on behalf of all of us

The first speaker at the dinner was Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), who was warmly received, and gave an inspiring talk.  (And yes, the Republicans do have a better idea than ObamaCare—it’s HR 3400).

Next up was Joe “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher.  Joe, who got a standing ovation, said, “My way isn’t the Democratic way, or the Republican way—it’s the American way.”  Referring to smooth political speeches, he ended his talk by quoting Benjamin Franklin, “Well done is better than well said.”

After Joe’s talk, Tom Price and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) presented him with a “Golden Wrench” (for throwing a wrench in the works), and a “Golden Plunger” (to help flush out Washington).  Perhaps you had to be there—it was fun.

The last speaker was Steve King, who said, “I ran for public office because of what the government was doing to us, not because of what I wanted the government to do for us.”  (I wrote that one down).

King ended his talk by saying that we can’t allow the liberals to get away with anything.  “Every conversation matters; every prayer matters; every Tea Party matters.”

After King finished his talk, and before everyone headed to their rooms, we sang “God Bless America.” 

Tomorrow I’ll get to attend more workshops, and hear Michelle Bachman (R-MN), Governor Mike Huckabee, and several other worthies.  I can’t wait.

I forgot to mention—we all said the Pledge of Allegiance twice today.

Addendum: Some good websites for women,  recommended by Suzanne Venker are:

Suzanne Venker (especially Mom Facts)
The Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute
Independent Women’s Forum

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