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Time for the Tea Party to Become Tangible III

Tangible Tea Party Tactics

By --October 29, 2009

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This wild ride started a week ago when I released Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible in which I floated the idea that the Tea Party—Town Hall and 912 movements must unite in a common nationwide effort to retake control of the GOP, followed by Making the Tea Party Tangible which identified some of the challenges inherent in any such effort.

In short, uniting “the right” makes herding cats look easy!

One week later, we have heard from thousands of readers, numerous Tea Party—Town Hall and 912 groups, a number of current politicians, and even several hopeful patriots running to replace RINOs and commies in DC in 2010.

I have only ONE goal, to stop and reverse the Obamanation of our country and return the USA to a constitutional status. The strategy for accomplishing this is to retake the GOP so that we have the power needed to accomplish that goal.

I’ve done about a dozen radio appearances on the matter, heard Glenn Beck speak of a similar idea a few days later, and watched Newt Gingrich threaten “outsiders” (aka Tea Party folks), warning against any attempt at a coup of “his” party! It’s been quite a week!

Message from Readers

Roughly 98% of the reader mail simply said, “AMEN! It’s about time! Where do I send my money!—The other 2% were less enthusiastic… feeling defeated beyond recovery…

Message from Groups

90% of the mail from groups was equally clear, “AMEN! Count our group in!”—The other 10% had a different focus, “AMEN!—Tell the people to send the money to us!”

My Message?


First Things First

I separate American citizens into only two groups. Those who believe in, support and defend the Charters of Freedom… and those who don’t. No other groups matter at present.

I commend ALL Tea Party—Town Hall—912 and all other patriot groups across the nation that have stepped up to the plate in an effort to take our country back from Ivy League lawyers and corrupt career politicians! These are all folks who believe in, support and defend the Charters of Freedom!

I never want to take anything away from people who have worked so hard to build a true grassroots effort to save the United States of America from the criminals currently running it into the ground. I honor ALL who have done the heavy lifting involved in getting the people up and moving.

Instead, I am calling upon ALL of us to take certain specific actions which are already bearing fruit in parts of the country… Some groups already are, but many are not, hence the purpose in this installment of the series. As I become aware of things that work, I will make sure that others know about those things!

A Tangible Defense

Best I can tell there are at least four current threats to the future of this nation that CANNOT be allowed to become law, all of equal priority. If any one of these items is allowed to become law, we may never be able to unravel the damage.

  • Nationalized Health Care in any form - (It’s NOT a public option, it’s a government take over)
  • The UN Copenhagen Treaty in any form—(Read it!)
  • Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants in any form
  • Cap and Trade in any form

These four items MUST be STOPPED dead in their tracks, no matter the cost! Then, an offense…

Immediate Tangible Action in Every District

I am going to talk about retaking the RNC/GOP. But the same information can be applied to the DNC in precincts that have driven too far off the left cliff, even for liberals. Our effort should attract patriots of all political stripes, no matter past party affiliations. It’s all about FREEDOM! I never believed that freedom was a partisan issue…

Most Americans don’t know that in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles, between 30% and 50% of the local RNC precinct seats were VACANT! The people in the occupied seats were largely moderates or liberals accustomed to voting with national RNC leadership.

Although the GOP Platform is VERY conservative, the RNC leadership is NOT. As a result, half-vacant precincts run by liberal friendly moderates continued to advance less than conservative candidates for office, and in the end, they lost the support of the GOP core voters. The heart and soul of the party!

To take back the nation, we must first take back every precinct and then, the RNC!

Here is a quick view of the PRECINCT CHAIR initiative. But I have also arranged two personal contacts for you. Early success of this effort exists in Nevada and two of the people involved in that success have agreed to answer mail from readers on this topic.

They are Tony Warren - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and Cold Warrior - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . They are Tea Party folks who decided to take tangible action! You can do it too!

These two patriots made it happen in their precincts! They have offered to help you make it happen in your part of the country.

Immediate Tangible Initiatives in Every State

Over the last several months, most of the state legislatures have introduced and/or passed Tenth Amendment Resolutions reclaiming their state sovereignty and states rights. Now the states are beginning to assert those rights on behalf of their citizens. Most are also securing Second Amendment rights as well.

Under the heading of “They Can’t Push Us Around Forever,” Tennessee State Rep. Susan Lynn is calling upon all 50 state legislatures to act upon their constitutional rights and reject every law coming out of Washington DC today, which they find to be “unconstitutional,” as in, beyond the scope and power afforded the federal government in the text of the US Constitution.

AMEN Susan!

Now, we have all been praying that people like Susan Lynn would stand up against the tyranny running wild in our federal government today. We have prayed for real honest patriotic Americans to take a stand on behalf of the people, who only demand freedom and liberty.

DO NOT let these people stand alone! Get behind them and stay behind them until the Fed is once again operating at the pleasure of the people and their states, within the letter of constitutional authority. Before we can take back the nation, we must have strong states, strong states rights and solid state sovereignty.

A Nationwide Assault on the RNC

We can’t just stop at the precinct and state level today. At the rate Obamanation is going, there may not be a country to save by November 2010. We must prepare to win in 2010, but also make sure we can make it to 2010…

The precinct and state initiatives mentioned above can be done at the local level and should be a primary focus for all local patriot organizations. This is where local organizations can have the greatest immediate impact on turning this nation around.

But if we stop there, we will only be sending good people into the lions’ den of political corruption where they will not have enough power against an institution of corruption. We must change the rules of the game in Washington DC so that new patriots sent to Washington can actually change the game in Washington.

In my opinion, this means that we need a nationwide coalition force of ALL patriots from sea to shining sea, from all patriot movements and organizations. People willing to set all pride, ego and secondary conflicts aside long enough to join together in one single assault on the current leadership of the RNC.

If you need me to explain why we must take back the RNC, take a moment to read the two previous installments in this series, which are linked above for your convenience. If not, let’s keep moving along…

A Simple Mathematical Strategy

In short, prostitutes like money. Washington DC is full of money hungry prostitutes, most of them wearing suits in the halls of the federal government. Those prostitutes have America on the auction block. I’m suggesting that patriots buy it… Once we own it again, we can do what we want with it!

I recommend that we reinstall the Charters of Freedom… Nothing more, nothing less…

I have only one goal, to reinstate the Charters of Freedom for my children, while I still have an opportunity to do that.

I want them reinstated at the precinct, local, county, state and national level. I want a constitutional resident of the White House, a congress engaged in upholding rather than undermining the Charters of Freedom, a Judicial Branch that once again blocks any executive or legislative effort to destroy the Charters of Freedom and a nation free for my kids and all future generations.

I will be happy to spend time debating the laundry list of divisive second and third tier issues, once freedom and liberty have been protected by reinstalling a constitutional government. Until then, I just don’t have the time or energy…and neither do you!

The Math

A brand new organization is being formed as we speak. It has only two objectives…

To raise enough money to purchase control of the RNC.
To purchase control of the RNC and begin to reinstate the Charters of Freedom

That’s it… That is the entire purpose of this new national organization. International leftists bought control of Washington DC, largely via the DNC, and I want real patriots to buy it back.

It’s been estimated that more than a million American patriots took time away from work and play, spent their own money and traveled to DC for the purpose of protesting the actions of the federal government. Instead of meeting with more than a million patriots who traveled all the way to Washington DC just to speak to him, Obama got on the people’s plane and flew to meet with 1400 union thugs.

Each patriot spent a lot more than $100 each to make that trip and nobody listened…

If each is willing to put up $100, that will be a $100 Million war chest.

It’s been reported that there are more than 10 million Tea Party—Town Hall and 912 patriots in this country. With a $100 from each of them, we would have a $1 Billion patriot war chest.

How many American patriots are there? How many are willing to put up $100 dollars to take the RNC back, enforce its platform within its ranks and stop the insane Marxist assault on all things American?

It takes only 2% of the US population to completely turn the tables on Washington DC real fast. Do we have that many patriots ready to buy their country back?

This is the third installment in a series on this subject. Stay tuned, because by installment #4, we will have a safe place for you to begin sending that money.

There is much to do and no time to do it. No one American is more important than any other in this effort. We welcome all who are willing to volunteer their services in this endeavor.

First the people were awakened by a shocking set of Marxist motivated events. Then they were mobilized in Tea Parties, Town Halls and 912 events… and now, they are about to unite!

May the Creator who endowed us all with certain unalienable rights light a fire under every American patriot! I fear for the future of my country if we fail!

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