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Americans believe in the individual greatness. They believe in hard work, ingenuity and their own ability to achieve greatness, goodness of people, rule of law

The Americans among us

By --November 8, 2012

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While scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed yesterday, I noticed several remarks that carried a similar theme. They alluded to the fact that, at the end of the day, we’re all Americans.

I beg to differ.

Americans don’t embrace massive bureaucracies, red tape and unaccountability. Americans don’t bypass job interviews in favor food stamp applications. They don’t stand in line for “free” Obama phones, nor do they blink not the first eye as they pass trillions of dollars of debt to their children and grandchildren. Americans don’t seek to divide, nor do they scream “racists” because they have no other argument to offer. Americans don’t toss out grand intentions without thought to the consequence. And they certainly don’t look to the government as their savior. Quite the contrary.

Americans believe in the individual greatness. They believe in hard work, ingenuity and their own ability to achieve greatness – even if it means they fail a thousand times before reaching their goal. They find the answers instead of fumbling for excuses. Americans believe in the goodness of people and they are their brother’s keeper. They believe in the rule of law, not men.

Americans roll with the punches. They never give up – they never say never. Americans rise to the challenges before them, even when they wonder if there’s any fight left in them. At the end of the day, Americans know what they believe in – and why they believe.

So as the dust settles on the 2012 election, we’ll answer the call to once again throw on the saddle, hop back on the horse and cowboy up. It’s a challenge we’ll accept – and yes, I’m talking to Americans, here. No doubt you know exactly who you are.

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