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By —— Bio and Archives March 25, 2011

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When Glenn Beck tells you that an attack on our economic system has already begun, he’s not kidding. One of the major groups working towards “economic justice” is USUncut.orgJust launched in mid-February,USUncut is linked to the UKUncut group. Although billing itself as a spontaneous, grassroots “Tea Party for the Left”, USUncuts is also linked with SEIUand You may recall that The Other 98 put together the “Celebrate the Dream” event in Washington last August in an effort to counteract Glenn Beck’s event.

The message they are promoting is meant to instigate protest from the public, using banks and big business as the target. Currently, their chosen targets are Bank of America, Verizon and FedEx. On the surface, who would disagree with their complaint that large corporations have all kinds of loopholes to avoid taxes? But be careful who you are backing and what their real intentions might be.  Many of us have begged for a flat or fair tax for decades to no avail, but a fair and forthright approach doesn’t seem like what they have in mind at all.

Reviewing the group, you will quickly learn that they are using the same talking points as Van Jones, Rev. Wright, Michael Moore and many other radicals; certainly no accident. The “founder” of this movement here in the US is quoted by Business Insider:

“Maybe there isn’t a spending problem. Maybe it’s a revenue problem,” Gibson said. “And it’s not that the money’s not there. The money is there. It’s with these corporations who aren’t paying taxes.”

Trying to promote a grassroots, nonpartisan image, he goes on to say:

Is US Uncut a “liberal” or “progressive” movement? “Absolutely not,” Gibson said. “This is nonpartisan. We don’t endorse any specific political ideology or candidate or party.”

Yes, he said that with a straight face. Yet we then read this from Gibson, which cancels out the claims he just made:

Now, Gibson is helping to coordinate movements in twenty states. UK Uncut helped him organize a unified day of protest against the banks. He’s spoken with BBC World and The Guardian. Additionally, Gibson says certain US Uncut participants have reached out to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in order to bridge the divide between liberalism’s two great abandoned resource pools: the poor and labor.

“I think this just indicates that people are so, so ready for a movement like this to come out,” he said, “especially when you consider how the right-wing has stolen the mantle of populism in order to preach corporate propaganda and get people to protest against their own economic self-interest in the Tea Party movement.”

It looks like it took very little time to establish that relationship with SEIU, since this Connecticut Bank of America protest had two SEIU reps as the contact people:

  • Matt O’Connor, SEIU Connecticut State Council
  • Stacey Zimmerman, SEIU Connecticut State Council

On their debut day around the country, Feb. 26th, they already had SEIU working with them:

Standing in front of Bank of America, an SEIU member led the crowd in a chant: “Don’t cut teachers, don’t cut cops, collect the taxes from the top!”

Just last week, USUncut joined Progressive groups and unions on the capitol steps of Olympia, WA for a Labor Solidarity Rally:

AFT, AFSCME, SEIU, SPEIA, UFCW, OPEIU, and the Teamsters. Progressive organizations including MoveOn, Fuse-WA, US Uncut, and the homeless newspaper Real Change.

Truth-Out (always a favorite news source for radicals) goes on to explain the difference in this movement, as compared to the “corporate” owned tea parties:

Despite these glaring instances of stolen revenue, the right has been marvelously successful at using astroturfing campaigns to create its Tea Party, a movement that is more likely to focus on illegal immigration than foreign tax havens (unsurprisingly, given that large corporations like Koch Industries bankrolled such endeavors).

This is a curious observation, as none of the Tea Party groups I know have received any Koch money or any other money other than donations from locals. (Did someone leave us off the donation list?) Tea Party groups have also been outspoken since Day One about fiscal responsibility and anti-corruption.

Watch for many USUncut protests nationwide on March 26th; coincidentally being held on the same day as UKUncut and the Trades Union Congress conduct their “March for the Alternative” in the UK. As a matter of fact, there are also actions planned for Canada Uncut, as they consider this a day of global solidarity:

Gibson stresses that the Uncut movement is now a global endeavor. “We’re acting in accordance with UK Uncut, France, Switzerland, Sudan, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, Uncut chapters all over the globe.”

I have to ask…USUncut, if you are sincere in this endeavor, why aren’t you supporting a flat tax that corporations cannot escape? And while you’re at it, why don’t you oppose all of those foundations that the super rich funnel their millions into as well? And don’t forget all of those Progressive nonprofits…like, for instance. Think of the millions we would have if none of them could claim tax exempt status anymore. Of course, that might not go over so well with Soros, Gates, Buffet and many others, would it?

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