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After all, the Constitution is not just a "g-damned piece of paper." It is the law of the land. OUR LAND, at least for now

The Gingrich who stole Christmas

By —— Bio and Archives--December 21, 2011

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The traditional American Normal Rockwell Christmas, the embodiment of small-town values and the orthodox American family is in jeopardy. Left up to the Progressives in power, the ghosts of Christmas future will treat their pajama-clad companions with a vision of the future that will be hardly visible under the ashes of forced secularism and certain economic disaster. If the entrenched GOP powerbrokers have their way, it will be replaced with a slightly less deficient, morally impaired and economically bankrupt system of globalism. The GOP establishment embedded in DC politics is determined to force Americans into a Hobson’s choice.

With the Iowa caucus just two weeks away, there is still considerable acrimony within the GOP leadership pushing the “old guard” candidates. The discontent by conservative republicans is evident but ignored by career politicians, campaign strategists and their mouthpieces whose hubris is secondary only to their need for power and wealth that comes with it.

Tone deaf Tea Party benefactors

The last mid-term elections were supposed to install leaders who would recapture true American conservatism. They promised to embrace the core values of the conservative republican voters of heartland America, advance their agenda and begin the process of ridding the country of one of the worst big government presidents in U.S. history. Despite such promises, the former Tea Party candidates turned DC lawmakers have apparently abandoned their values and constituents. A prime example of such abandonment is the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which is a direct assault on the U.S. Constitution. Another example includes their silent acquiescence to the creation of a “super congress,” in which they have ceded their power to a “gang of 12” plus one - Barack Hussein Obama, without so much as a whimper. We could continue, but is it really necessary? We think not, for those who followed thus far understand the corruption of politics, as well as the politics of corruption.

Currently dominating the headlines is, of course, the GOP Presidential candidate and the Iowa caucus. The entrenched republican leadership is out in full force, pushing for a nominee who, in their opinion, will beat Obama. Obviously, for any thinking person who cares about the future of America, change in our executive leadership is necessary for the sovereignty and survival of our country. But is that the only standard by which GOP candidates are measured?

Remember 2008: Anybody but Bush!

Americans are notorious for our short attention span. Remember 2008 when the slogan was anybody but Bush? How is that working out for America? From that rallying cry, McCain emerged as the GOP candidate and the rest is history. The same infrastructure of GOP leaders that brought us candidate McCain is working to bring us a new GOP candidate for 2012. Today, it’s “anybody but Obama.” Same mindset, different election year.

While it is essential for our future that we return to the values that are America, must we submit to the strategy of the very people who sold or otherwise abandoned the heart and soul of our country? It’s time for intellectual honesty here, as anything less could result in the United States Marine band playing a funeral dirge at the next inauguration should we settle for anyone who continues our present course.

Gingrich, Romney, Perry, oh my!

The established republican guard appears willing to present their party, as well as the American people, their choice for candidates irrespective of the conservative ideology that served as the party’s moral compass in decades past. It is they who decide who the frontrunner is, and it is they who banish non-conformists to the back of the party bus. They provide the talking points for the talking heads, instructing them of the approved topics and other topics that must not be addressed. It is this political machine behind the curtain that orchestrates the attacks on some while mitigating attacks on others.

When we peek behind the curtain, we see the individuals who are promoting the candidates who will continue big government, although repackage it so it appears more palatable. An honest assessment of Gingrich, Romney and Perry leads us to conclude that each “frontrunner” is heavily integrated into the global agenda, an apparent condition for promotion by the beltway aristocracy.

As it appears that Newt Gingrich is taking the lead, it is important to ask what a Gingrich administration might bring us.

Gingrich on Globalism

A member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 1990, Gingrich has aligned himself with heads of states, banking, industry and international elites advancing a global agenda. This includes the creation and implementation of the North American Union, once thought to be an artifact of hypersensitive conspiracy kooks. With the onset of coordinated financial chaos, however, the likelihood of such a union is not far from becoming an economic necessity.

If mere CFR membership and association with the global elite are not convincing enough, it should be noted that part of the implementation of the NAU includes the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). On November 17, 1993 Gingrich voted in favor of the implementation of NAFTA. He also supported the World Trade Organization (WTO), which puts American trade policies in the hands of international rivals.

Gingrich on Progressivism

Glenn Beck was attacked by conservatives for contending that Newt Gingrich is a Progressive. On his show, Beck broke down Newt Gingrich and his policies of big government establishment positions and noting that Gingrich most admires former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt, of course, is the father of the Bull Moose Party, which became the early onset of the progressive movement in the U.S.

Other examples include his progressive views involving climate change, mandates for health care and cap and trade, which he has since renounced or tempered. Still, one can find the now infamous television commercial he did with former Progressive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the dangers of global warming. During his years in Congress, Gingrich co-sponsored 418 articles of legislation with Nancy Pelosi.

We can point to numerous other Progressive positions adopted by Mr. Gingrich, including his one-time advocacy of cap-and-trade and federally mandated health insurance. For his role in the individual health care mandate, Gingrich founded a company that rolled his lobbying activities into government access, and enterprise where he capitalized on his years of government service.

And of course with the state of economy today, who can morally justify his relationship with FreddieMac and FannieMae?

Since he is the reported frontrunner and instead of parroting the official party line, we must act like conservatives and ask ourselves if Gingrich is the best we can do.

What now?

It is without question that another four years of the Obama agenda will move America off of life support and into the morgue, at least as far as our Constitutional principles and national sovereignty are concerned. But we cannot afford to accept a replacement that will merely slow the process, nor should we be forced to by the power elite posing as saviors of our nation.

If this next presidential election is the most important election in all of our modern history as every conservative pundit, commentator, talk show host, writer, blogger, and politician claims, then we must not merely settle for anyone but Obama. We must not lie to ourselves or temper the truth. We must lay it all out, expose duplicity, and support someone who best supports our founding principles.

After all, the Constitution is not just a “g-damned piece of paper.” It is the law of the land. OUR LAND, at least for now.

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