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Bring it on Barry!

The glorious truth: Tea Party Movement outnumbers Obama Libs!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 6, 2011

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2011’s David & Goliath Defining Moment: “Bring it on, Barry!”

The name for Tea Party members hated and feared most by Barack Obama and his cohorts is `patriot’.

That’s why they hurl the names racist, bigot, bitter clinger and domestic terrorist at the Tea Party, and that’s why the Obama running dog mainstream media so desperately works to keep up the big smear.

Even in the midst of all the Obama Regime destruction, America has something to celebrate: Tea Party Patriots are keeping Obama from completing his threatened Fundamental Transformation of America. 

No one elected to public office from either side has ever stepped forward to ask Obama who is he to fundamentally transform American.  No one.

But from its inception, the Tea Party Movement has never stopped asking. 

Freedom lovers everywhere owe the Tea Party admiration and gratitude.

It has long defied belief how far the Obama Regime would go to demonize the Grandmas and Grandpas in the Tea Party Movement.

Thanks to the Gallup Poll, we now know why.

“The percentage of Americans who expressly state that they are supporters of the Tea Party movement is currently about as large at 22 percent of the population as the 21 percent who say they are liberals, according to recent but separate Gallup polls.” (, Aug. 5, 2011).


No wonder why Obama hightails it out of sight most Friday nights, including this one just before the news hit that for the first time in its noble 235-year long history, the USA had been demoted by the reputable Standard & Poor’s.

Laughable that after nearly three years of trying to edge America over the abyss that Obama and his ridiculous ring of czars and movie stars are vastly outnumbered by the “enemy”.

Not only are the Lib-Left seriously outnumbered by the Tea Party, at 41 percent of the population, self-described conservatives outnumber both Tea Party movement supporters and liberals by nearly 2-to-1.

For Obama, there’s no Hope and Change to be seen anywhere in the facts presented by Gallup. 

Most laughably, it wasn’t the no-Social-Security-check scare tactics trotted out in the Debt Ceiling fiasco that drove most people into the arms of the Tea Party Movement: “In fact, the July 27 and August 2 polls showed a considerably smaller percentage of Americans saying they were Tea Party supporters than previous Gallup polls conducted over three-and-four-day periods.

“For example, a Gallup survey conducted April 20-23 of this year, found that 30 percent of Americans described themselves as Tea Party supporters.  Similarly, a Gallup poll conducted Jan. 14-16 this year also found that 30% of Americans described themselves as Tea Party supporters.

“In previous Gallup polling, Tea Party support hit a low of 26 percent in a series of polls conducted in October 2010—immediately before the midterm congressional elections—and peaked at 36 percent on Nov. 4-7, 2010—immediately after the midterm congressional elections.”

Interestingly, in polling conducted through the first half of 2011, and published Aug. 1, Gallup discovered that 21 percent of Americans described themselves as liberals.  That is the same percentage that described themselves as liberals in Gallup surveys in 2010 and 2009.

Even with all the unelected czars at his command; even with the mainstream media in his tank; even with all the money and all the propaganda in his bag of tricks, the Liberals are not growing under the Marxist in Chief, but remain at a breathtaking standstill.

For all of his arrogance, for all of his omnipotence, Obama’s big plans for the Transformation of America have hit the brick wall of something admired worldwide: the undying passion of American patriotism.

Little Davids everywhere are shouting to Goliath: “Bring it on, Baby!”

No wonder Obama, boss ladies Michelle and Valerie Jarrett are holed up at Camp David after dancing barefoot with tinseltown celebrities in the White House Rose Garden this weekend!

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