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The GOP VP Choice of ‘We, the People!’

By —— Bio and Archives--February 13, 2012

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In playing along with Alan Caruba’s column of February 9th, entitled, ‘Who will be Mitt’s VP Choice?’ I’d like to render this response.

Mitt McRomney may end up being the GOP Presidential candidate, but barring a remarkable mea culpa for Massachusetts Care and other offensive positions to the non-elitist members of the GOP, he may be an even weaker GOP candidate than John McCain was.  How insidiously stupid would this be, in a year when our constitutional republic, which has been under constant attack since before the oath of office was taken by the current resident of the White House, may be completely emaciated if the current President is re-elected for a second term?  The President has said he isn’t finished, so that means we have a minor opening to stop the domestic attacks from inside the White House upon us and our country, but the GOP must provide a compelling reason for people to perform an electoral exorcism of the White House and Congress in 2012.

If McRomney is the GOP standard-bearer, God help us all, but he can improve his possibility of encouraging enough non-elite Republicans and the majority of Independents, refugees from the GOP, to vote Republican by having an exciting, complete conservative, running mate as his VP choice.

Newt Gingrich/Rep. Ron PauI: I agree that should McRomney emerge as the GOP Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich would not be a welcome choice, from either side of their divide.  As for Ron Paul, he should be given an opportunity to begin dismantling the Fed and jettisoning the abusive, unnecessary and unconstitutional domestic departments and agencies that fall outside of Amendment X to the Constitution from a non-Presidential position.  He will have more leverage outside of the White House to do what must be done.  Give him a ‘PaulCan’ chainsaw to begin cutting into and cutting out the ‘entitlement jobs’ of the Department of Education, the EPA, etc.  Announcing this appointment prior to the election should solidify the Paul plank within the GOP for whoever is the GOP Presidential candidate.

Sen. Rick Santorum: Of the four candidates still in the GOP race, Rick Santorum may come closest to the profile of what the non-elite GOP electorate is seeking.  He could help solidify a weak McRomney ticket, if he isn’t carpet-bombed by the McRomney Super PAC.  This puts McRomney in a bit of a bind.  Conservatives do not trust McRomney, so does he politically disembowel Santorum to win the candidacy and knock out someone who can actually help him get the vote out in the General Election, or does he run a competitive, yet gentlemanly campaign, and risk losing to Santorum?

Sen. Marco Rubio: He is a very appealing young Republican leader, but he suffers from a constitutional challenge to the Presidency and/or Vice Presidency, so this VP option needs to be shelved, permanently!  If you want the GOP non-elite to non-vote, place Rubio on the GOP ticket.

Gov. Mitch Daniels: He would be an appealing choice, but we need the farm system in the state capitols to continue delivering authentic conservatives within the state, and to move onto D. C.  Gov. Daniels and Gov. Scott Walker are providing the leadership necessary to rescue us from the Democrat and GOP Progressives.

Rep. Paul Ryan: I agree that Paul Ryan is needed in the House, as is Michele Bachmann.  We need a strong, conservatively led GOP in the House and the Senate to thwart any unconstitutional moves by the President, be he (she) a Democrat, or a Republican.  We’re stuck with McConnell until 2014, but I pray that an electable, genuinely conservative Republican will challenge John Boehner in the 8th District in Ohio in 2012. 

Gov. Haley Barbour:
I would have supported Governor Barbour until his pardons were made public.  He is as much of a non-starter as Gingrich or Rubio.

Gov. Sarah Palin: I would welcome the opportunity to vote for her again; I voted for her, not McAmnesty!  I agree that she is polarizing, namely because she represents actual change, so let’s take advantage of her ability to influence multiple elections from behind the lines.  She knows who the true Republicans are vs. the regressive-Progressive Republicans, and she can help take the Progressives out!

Gov. Jeb Bush: Really?  He might be the best of the Bushes, but his dad and brother have poisoned the well for another Bush to be electable in the first few decades of this century.  I believe GWB had the best of intentions as a President, but his big spending hollowed out any conservative stand he undertook.  As for GHWB, Agenda 21/ICLEI is as good as any reason not to trust the Bush name.  While we are here, no more freaking ‘American Royalty’ from either party.  This includes the Clintons, the Kennedys, and any other family that has desecrated our constitutional republic, masquerading as public servants while plundering the electorate.

Donald Trump: He is another, self-anointed king and kingmaker; can you see him playing second fiddle to John Q. Mitttoast?

Gov. Chris Christie: He has been exciting to watch, as he stood his ground against the NJ NEA and worked feverishly to instill integrity into NJ politics, but would he be as willing to take a similar stand on socially conservative issues?  Conservatives have their doubts, especially conservatives in the South and flyover country.  Genuine conservatives are the same across the country, but nominal conservatives are very tepid on social issues, and we don’t need another Scott Brown.

Rep. Allen West: If McRomney is serious about courting the approximately seventy-five percent of the anti-Romney GOP, Allen West could solve much, if not most of this apprehension, but there is a challenge.  Considering the fact that the state of FL has two additional seats in the House of Representatives because of the 2010 census, why is the GOP elite and ‘Mittites’ redistricting Rep. West out of his seat?  McRomney represents the status quo in D. C., and the natives are restless.  We want quantifiable, constitutional change.  Rep. West is the embodiment of the change sought by the approximately seventy-five percent of Republicans who fail to warm to McRomney, and of the majority of registered Independents.  A McRomney/West ticket would stop the Obama blitzkrieg against the American citizenry, American patriots, and the U. S. Constitution, and position Allen West to oversee an American renaissance, once the Progressives have been culled from the GOP.  Short of this McRomney GOP ticket, the 2012 election, or the 2014 election will be the last that the GOP can count upon the TEA Party being the energetic wing within the GOP.

A third party of constitutional conservatives (Republican and Independents) is heresy to the GOP elite because the threat of the Democrats assuming power for the foreseeable future is threatening to the GOP’s power and greed.  I am not a member of the TEA Party, but I am extremely supportive of the goals of the TEA Party.  Personally, I favor the moniker, ‘Constitutional Party.’  Hopefully, this would encourage voters to review and understand why the members of the Constitutional Party have taken their stands on the critical issues of today.  In any event, if a third political party emerges, it will be due to the GOP elite who have abused the party faithful, their own colleagues, and the American citizen for far too long! 

A surprise candidate who can capture the hearts and votes of the non-elite Republicans and the disenfranchised Independents may emerge, but he/she isn’t on the radar at this time.

I enjoy having fun, and I realize the intent of the column by Mr. Caruba was to be lighthearted, but on issues as serious as our survival as a constitutional republic, I take the issue of who might be the Presidential and VP candidates at this extremely dangerous time very seriously.  Too many people are too busy watching reality shows to work through the lies of the traditional media to grasp the frivolity.  May God deliver to us, a leader who will lead in the effort to save us from ourselves.

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A.J. Cameron was born in Kansas City, MO, and raised in Prairie Village, KS. He is a graduate of Rockhurst High School and University of Kansas, and is a the former president of the Native Sons & Daughters of Greater Kansas City. Having worked for international and local, start-up companies, A. J. brings a wide range of insight to many of the challenging issues of the day. A.J. seeks to engage readers on key issues with views grounded in time-tested principles and common sense.

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