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Saving America from Marxism

The only newly created “jobs” is the one called Saving America

By —— Bio and Archives--September 9, 2011

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Number 1 job:
Saving America from Marxism

In the art of politics, image is everything.

The image that transcends even the applauding Congress seals at Obama’s “Pass this Jobs Bill Now” speech last night is the one of his holiday-loving, shopaholic wife Michelle sitting there right beside organized labor leader AFL-CIO top dog Richard Trumka.

Make that sitting right there beside Trumka, a bare three days after Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa reminded her Community Organizer husband:  “This is your army.  We are ready to march.  Let’s take these son of a # out and give America back to an America where we belong.  And President Obama, we want one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs…”

To latter day trade union heavies, feathering their own nests and politics always push jobs to the And  category.

The little Michelle/Trumka vignette of last night is a perfect picture of America under Obama control.

Joint Congress charades and hype notwithstanding, people know that government and trade unions do not supply jobs.  They take them away.  Especially since the Obama Regime came into power.

With nothing new to say almost three years in, is it any wonder why Internet news on Obama’s “Pass this jobs bill” has been scarce?

Even as Obama was waxing concerned, millions were in the dark in a massive Southwest power outage, floods were forcing 100,000 to evacuate from New York to Maryland.  Legions more had the sound turned down on their televisions waiting for the much more compelling football game. 

But as National Journal reported last night: “His package, a $447 billion mix of tax cuts and spending, is not as big or bold as his liberal allies wanted.  It’s not even quite what Obama’s own economic advisers believe is necessary to put more than a modest dent in the 9 percent unemployment rate.

“Obama never mentioned the cost of the package—perhaps knowing that he’ll be lucky to win passage of anything close to the $447 billion total—but went into agonizing detail about who might benefit from the plan.  Teachers, cops, veterans, school children, small-business men and many more were name-dropped by Obama with the refrain: “Pass this bill and…”somebody cool will get or make a job.

“Obama coupled his pleas for action with a call to the 12-member super committee set up last month by last month’s debt deal to come up with additional spending cuts to pay for the measures in his “American Jobs Act,” which includes $253 billion in tax cuts and $194 billion in spending.”

Last night’s job speech was a forced-audience campaign kickoff—complete with standing ovations before Obama even began his drone.

If folk listened hard enough they could even hear the Quebec-made black buses revving up to take Obama and his Jobs Now Speech out state-by-state to the hustings.  (Flying on Airforce 1) to catch up to the blacked out-window vehicles carrying handlers and media to the chosen state of the day. 

There was no mention of the three-day hence 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks which will be marked without mention of God or the presence of Christian clerics on Sunday.  Nor of the “credible” terror threat around the 9/11 anniversary.

Meanwhile, just as no one knows where the money from ‘Stimulus’ went, no one knows whether if even a penny from Obama’s $447 billion package will be spent on a single job.

But as certain as the sun will rise over the fruited plain this morning, Obama did provide millions of unintended jobs for out-of-work Americans. It’s called The job of Saving America.

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