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There stands the emperor. Buck naked

The Perfect Photo that Tells the Real Obama Story

By —— Bio and Archives--March 26, 2013

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Using the money of wealthy atheist Friedrich Engels, a mentally warped Karl Marx pioneered the Misery of the Masses known as Marxism.

Engels and Marx purported in language writ big that they wanted to turn the power from the ruling classes over to the little people, a theory that never succeeded anywhere.

Little did this gruesome pair know that a USA president, using the billions stolen from the public purse, would someday come along and turn Marxism into his own personal Get-Rich Scheme.

Barack “I-am-not-a-dictator” Obama is living out the life of Marxism’s top enemy: the capitalist, and he’s doing it in the most flagrant of fashions.

With more holidays to boast than any other elected official in world history, the hedonistic lavish vacations that are his trademark became generational this week with his two teenaged daughters in the Bahamas.

In the heyday of Marx and Engels, there was no Internet, no Facebook or Twitter to drive home the message that Marxism would save the masses.

With all of the above plus Hollywood and television at their right royal command, The Family camping at the White House became magically omnipresent overnight and on and on.

Once a recognized world symbol of power and peace, the White House fell back into retirement, pre-empted by a cult of personality.

The Obamas and Valerie only return to the White House between trips to run their never-ending More Money! political campaigns.

Redistributing the wealth may have meant a thaler in everybody’s pocket in the days when Engels, the eldest son of a wealthy German cotton manufacturer, sent Marx to capture the proletariat.  Redistributing the wealth, Obama style means keeping the wealth for himself and friends.

Because no one knows if he is really who he claims to be, or even a close facsimile,  it’s the biggest mystery of modern times how Obama managed to capture America and then rape its riches before systematically dismantling it under the phony rubic known forevermore as “The Fundamental Transformation of America”.

Getting to the top of the dung heap meant waiting, often impatiently for the precise right time.  The time when generations of school kids had been educated to believe that God, country and family belong back in the days of when most monsters were four-legged and not two legged: the dinosaurs.

With the culture an immoral mess and no anchor in sight for the lost generation, the time was now right to strike with a bottom up, top down, inside out strike on society.

The Marxist/radical Islam protector who emerged as the King of Get Rich Schemes then surrounded himself with moronic Marxists like Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, etc., to be folded into the Revolution as “Obama’s Czars”.

With the White House now a hotel-like stopover to which to return between lavish holidays and sometimes go to ground, decency and decorum went out the window.  It was converted over to a Grand Party Central for Hollywood and television wastrels as a place to show off their Botox and bling.

TV ‘entrepreneurs’ made the Marxist Barack and Michelle their top stars in neon lights.  Even when they don’t have the time to make cameo appearances, their image is kept alive through the subliminal. 

This is one Marxist who talks nonstop about redistributing the wealth but somehow never gets around to doing it.

Ever-taunting, ever disappearing from the scene, tagging Barack “I’m-not-a-dictator” Obama for what he really is, is akin to trying to nail jelly on your backyard apple tree.

But every once in awhile his own massive ego leaves room for a positive I.D.  To see clearly who Obama is, pose the picture of him standing in front of the banner of a beaming Yasser Arafat in the West Bank,  to the one where he is standing in front of the covered over monogram IHS, whose letters spell out the name of Jesus, and which normally perches over the stage but was shamefully hidden from sight in Gaston Hall, Georgetown University during his 2009 address. 

There stands the emperor.  Buck naked. 

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