Cut Climate Confab Costs

By —— Bio and Archives August 25, 2011

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The global warming bureaucracy is planning a tax-funded jaunt to balmy Durban in South Africa for yet another of their periodic talkfests.

There are only two legitimate topics to debate in Durban – the science of global warming or the politics of the Kyoto agreement.

Government climate mercenaries tell us at every opportunity “The science of global warming is settled”. They refuse to debate climate realists. Thus, according to them, there is no science to debate at Durban.

The politics of Kyoto alarmism is equally settled. No one outside the Green Empire in UK, Europe and the Anzacs will renew Kyoto.

Developing economies in Africa, India and China are never going to agree to carbon taxes and rationing that damage the aspirations of their millions many who still lack electricity. Others such as PNG, Indonesia and Brazil will participate only to the extent needed to rip off the gullible Green Empire by selling ephemeral “carbon credits” to them.

Thus the Kyoto deal is dead and there is nothing there to discuss in Durban.

Almost every western government is guilty of massive overspending. Australia and New Zealand should reduce government waste by sending NO ONE to the pointless party in Durban.

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Viv Forbes, Chairman,The Carbon Sense Coalition, has spent his life working in exploration, mining, farming, infrastructure, financial analysis and political commentary. He has worked for government departments, private companies and now works as a private contractor and farmer.

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