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The question that matters most:

The Silence that Shatters America

By —— Bio and Archives--August 15, 2011

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imageWhy do we take it as gospel that Barack Hussein Obama gets to fundamentally transform America just because he makes the bold claim that’s what he’s going to do?

Why do decent, rational,  American-loving people let Obama get away with saying he will “fundamentally transform America”?

The first time he arrogantly uttered these words, the response should have been: “It should go without saying that no one, not even a president or a king will ever be allowed to fundamentally transform America.”

As far as is known, not one single public official ever stepped up to ask: “Who are you, Mr. Obama, to fundamentally transform America?”

Sadly, ditto, thus far, nor did any presidential candidate in the 2012 race ever ask.

Why do we accept as fact that it is within the power of Obama to fundamentally transform the country the rest of the world has long looked to for inspiration?

Why do so many elected politicians on the other side of the House and Senate, so many candidates for presidential election seem to accept as fact that Obama’s will shall be done?

“Thy Kingdom come”; “Thy Will be done” are immortal words prayed universally down through the centuries; words taught to us by our Saviour. It is God’s Will, and only God’s Will that shall be done.

Do Obama and his masters truly believe he is the Messiah?

No words by any politician were ever etched in stone. Much like their deeds, the words of politicians are forgotten in the passing of time.

In order to stop D.C.’s Marxist Commander in Chief in his tracks, he must be forced back to reality and told “No One is going to fundamentally transform America.”  It’s eons apart from “Dreams From My Father”.

How did the promise to fundamentally transform America ever go unchallenged in Obama’s long narrative?

It must be treason to want to fundamentally transform America against the wishes of the majority.

The West, which counts on the freedom of the United States of America, needs this burning question answered: Who is Obama to come along, trash the Constitution, ridicule America from foreign shores, and put into hateful, spiteful words his insane vision for the fundamental transformation of America?

Some call Obama a Marxist on a take-down America mission.  Talking heads define him as stupid, incompetent, even as a man child.  Yet aside from two books, many claims of which were never proven, all personal details of Obama’s life before his Second Coming to the Oval Office are locked away from public view.

For all we know Obama’s may have been the lowest IQ of any among students attending his school in Indonesia and the U.S.A.  For all we know, Obama may have been banned from practicing law because of criminal activity.  For all we know he even may have spent time behind bars for crimes committed.

Did circumstances force him into the ‘profession’ of community organizer in Chicago, or did he choose this job paid from the public purse for himself?

Who really knows?

Why would someone with absolutely nothing significant to prove his intelligence; absolutely nothing to recommend him, in terms of work place experience be able to promise in the most menacing of ways to transform a country that got on exceedingly well without him for 234 years?

As the days unwind to Election 2012, with all contenders claiming their bragging rights on national television; with decent American citizens working to save their country demonized as domestic terrorists, there’s an elephant squatting in everyone’s living room,  and the elephant continues to trumpet at us only from a Tele-Prompter.

From the very first time he voiced it, Obama’s braggart promises to fundamentally transform America should have been forced back within the realm of reality and truth.

Only those poor souls, suffering delusions of grandeur, do not know at heart that saying something is so doesn’t make it so.

Think voodoo when you think of the fundamental transformation of America.  Even in modern times some people believe in voodoo.  But the walking dead who look like Nancy Pelosi do not exist outside the human imagination. Voodoo works by making its victims believe in its evil power.  If a victim of voodoo does not believe the pins in the doll can cripple or maim, they remain in good health. 

Who really believes it is possible for one man to accomplish the fundamental transformation of America?  Barack Hussein Obama.

There is no magic in the stridently anti-American couple who currently occupy the White House.  They are just two people who led the sort of charmed lives that got them ahead not through their own efforts or hard work, but via contacts in high places of Chicagoland power.  They are two people living the high life off of the avails of the people who voted one of them into office,  and whose almost 3-year long uninterrupted power tripping has likely left them mentally deranged by now. 

Sitting around smoke-filled campus coffee shops talking about the Revolution works when you’re green and only 20.  When you’re talking the same way at age 50, it’s time for a sanity check. 

The best way to fight Obama is to make reality count.  The power of his office notwithstanding, Barack Hussein Obama cannot fundamentally transform America. Not only did anyone that matters ever ask him to, he has not the right.

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