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Media rushed to assign blame for the massacre on the US Army

They Kill Us and We’re the Ones to Blame

By —— Bio and Archives--November 8, 2009

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Hardly had the final shots been fired at Fort Hood and hospitals were filling up with the wounded that the media rushed to assign blame for the massacre, not of course to Nidal Malik Hassan, who had opened fire aiming to kill as many soldiers as possible, but on the US Army and on his fellow soldiers.

Islamic ideology and Palestinian Arab background

Completely ignoring his Islamic ideology and Palestinian Arab background, the media speculated that he might have been suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, even though he had never served in a combat zone, that he was angry over being deployed to Iraq, even though he had a history of pro-terrorist postings predating that, and finally that he had been bullied by other soldiers for being a Muslim, a claim that has since emerged as completely baseless. All of these however were ways of shifting the blame from Nidal Hassan and his Islamist ideology, and onto his victims, the men and women he had tried to kill, and the United States Army itself. Once again the media apparatchiks had decided that blame for a Muslim killing spree rested not with the perpetrator, but with his targets.

Western Dhimmi apologists

If Muslims follow a predictable pattern in their homicidal attacks, their Western Dhimmi apologists follow an equally predictable pattern, always willing to shift the blame onto anything and anyone, but the killers themselves and their hatefilled ideology. It’s never Islam. Never the Koran. Instead it’s always the general unfairness of our foreign policy, our flagwaving and our obstinate refusal to let Muslims have whatever part of the world they have their sights on today.

Once again, they kill us and yet somehow we’re the ones to blame. Because we didn’t love and nurture poor Nidal Malik Hassan enough. We didn’t install enough foot baths, respect his religion hard enough and worst of all we presumed to make war on his brothers who had murdered thousands of us on September 11. That of course is our original sin, fighting back.

As we speak the media talking heads are still furrowing their great weary brows, scratching behind their ears and wondering, what could the motive possibly be. The FBI, which has no doubt gone through more sensitivity and tolerance sessions than Nidal Hassan spent with his # in the air at his local mosque, is of course also searching hard for a motive.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder…by Proxy

Currently some of the talking heads are peddling PTSD by Proxy, to avoid the minor problem that Hassan had never actually served in combat. Should this brand of lunacy take hold, it would allow anyone and everyone who has been near people who might have conceivably had PTSD to claim PTSD by Proxy as if it were a cold virus passing through the air. Somehow this is made to seem more logical than that Nidal Hassan tried to kill a number of soldiers because he believed that his religion commanded him to do this. An event that had already occurred before and for which we have the evidence of his own words praising suicide bombers as heroes.

Thomas Kenniff, a former JAG who tried to bring some logic to the subject in his appearance on Larry King, was denounced as a racist for pouring cold water on the attempts to sell PTSD by Proxy as the motive, instead pointing to Hassan’s radical beliefs. For this Olbermann denounced him as the Worst Person in the World. Thomas Kenniff’s crime was to interfere in the narrative that Larry King and just about everyone was trying to sell, of Nidal Hassan as another example of a worn out and overstressed US Army in which all the soldiers are on the breaking point.

Media is engaging in blatant deceptiveness

By ignoring the fact that 66 percent of the deliberate attacks within the US military by other soldiers, have involved Muslims—the media is engaging in blatant deceptiveness. Unless Muslims somehow suffer from a form of PTSD more severe than non-Muslim soldiers, or unless Muslims comprise 66 percent of the US military—both false statements, it is obvious that the question of Islamic beliefs should be investigated as central to these acts of violence.

But PTSD is still the narrative the media insists on going with, and will insist on going with, even if Nidal Hassan comes on TV tomorrow and proclaims that he did it all for Allah. That is because PTSD fits the liberal narrative of blaming the media and exonerating Hassan specifically and Islam in general, while indicting the US and the military. It turns Hassan into a victim, and his victims into either co-victims or perpetrators.

As this charade continues, more claims of Hassan’s supposed harassment for being Muslim will be employed to create some equivalent of Colin Ferguson’s “Black Rage” defense. The military will in turn work harder to bend over for Muslims and look the other way at radicalism and extremism, while cracking down on any criticism of Muslim misbehavior in the ranks, exactly the sort of behavior that will help insure another Fort Hood massacre.

Meanwhile the dominant narrative will be Nidal Hassan’s suffering, his pain and his agony. Not that of his victims. All lies that will reveal that the media knows quite well why he did it. Had Nidan Hassan’s name actually been Michael Smith, and had he actually been suffering from PTSD, the media would not be spending all this time defending him and exploring his pain. He did not simply commit his crimes because he is a Muslim, the media is defending him because he is a Muslim and in particular a terrorist.

Apologetics for terror have a long and shameful history for western liberals

These sorts of apologetics for terror have a long and shameful history for western liberals. When Hitler sent his troops goosestepping along, it wasn’t his fault, but that of British and French Imperialism for oppressing the German people. Only when German troops attacked the homeland of socialism, the USSR, did they finally wake up long enough to get in front of the troops, until the war was over, and then American soldiers once again became the brutal occupiers who were preventing Western Europe from being “liberated” by the glorious Red Army.

Stalin too was never to blame for anything, it was all the Western spies and capitalist agents who were constantly trying to subvert the Great Socialist experiment who were at fault. And how could one blame Stalin for killing millions of them, when they kept popping up everywhere, doing such subversive things as eating, breathing and smiling at the wrong time. The same great heroes of Western Liberalism who put pen to bloody ink in advertisements supporting the Moscow Trials, would defend every Soviet atrocity and wail that American nuclear missiles were endangering the world. Not Soviet nuclear weapons of course. Never. Those were only a defensive response to Western imperialist aggression.

When the armies of four Arab nations (3 out of 4 of them run by Arab Socialist regimes, two of those being Baath Party dictatorships) prepared to invade Israel and “drive the Jews into the sea”, the same liberals who would spend the next forty years after that war wailing about the plight of the Jordanians and Egyptians who had colonized Israeli territory and now found themselves inside Israel, aka the Palestinians, remained absolutely silent. The prospective genocide of millions of Jews only two decades after the Holocaust did not trouble them in the least. The Israelis were the ones to blame for presuming to build a country that the USSR and its Arab Socialist allies wanted to destroy.

Islamists are the new murderers who are somehow always the victims. Always

Nazism and Communism are down for the count, and Arab Socialism is being rapidly replaced by Islamism. And the Islamists are the new murderers who are somehow always the victims. Always.

When a car bomb goes off in Kabul, the media quickly rushes to brush off their talking points about negotiating with the Taliban. When Muslim pirates take hostages, we’re told that it’s only because the poor dears are hungry and fighting against pollution, making them the world’s first Islamic Pirate Environmentalists. When four airplanes are hijacked and aimed at national landmarks, naturally it’s because of Muslim outrage over the long list of things they’re currently outraged about. When rockets are fired at Israeli villages, clearly it’s Israel for not making as many concessions to terrorists as everyone in the “world community” and various British labor unions thinks they should be making.

It is of course never the terrorists’ fault. Heaven forbid. Ours is but to die and take the blame for the actions of our murderers.

Daniel Greenfield -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Daniel Greenfield is a New York City writer and columnist. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and his articles appears at its Front Page Magazine site.

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