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This is not politics as usual. This is no ordinary election. This is survival

Time to get grounded in reality for Election 2012

By —— Bio and Archives--September 8, 2012

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The carnival known as the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is over.  Having collectively vented their spleen, the jokers and clowns are headed back home on your dime this weekend.

Their biggest accomplishment wasn’t smilin’, lyin’ former President Bill Clinton, Tessa’s Trophy hubby John Kerry, or former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm air punching her way across the big stage, but that all of their staged antics almost hid the hideous truth: Last night was the least attended DNC in American history.

With predicted rains as AWOL as Hillary, only the Regime-annointed,  ready to preach and scream at the already converted,  could even get into the Time Warner Cable Arena.

There was no God, there was no light, only a stained glass window backdrop as false as the Messiah raised up by the Dems to destroy the same country that foots every one of their excessive bills.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who came directly to the stage after Obama’ s nomination acceptance speech, may have prayed for God “to protect the lives of those who are waiting to be born”, but his presence legitimized those who first removed, then booed the replacement of God in the DNC platform.

Isn’t it time, Your Eminence, to take your own ego out of your pocket and put God back there?

Patriots couldn’t cancel the show due to lack of public interest because the ever fawning mainstream media would exaggerate it to the hilt anyway.

But now it’s the morning after and for survivors a good time to consider going to ground.

Going to ground means opening your mind to even examining the possibility of an “I’m-not-done” Obama re-elected on Nov. 6.

For the sake of your children and grandchildren, don’t buy into the propaganda going the Internet rounds that “Obama will lose in a landslide”.

Dead dogs, dead people, suppressed Vet votes, intimidation at the polls and other forms of election cheating; the regime’s ability to spread propaganda through social networks and a mainstream media peopled by ‘journalists’ like Chris Matthews, all but guarantee otherwise.

Give no credence whatsoever to the ignoramuses who are out there bleating: “Romney’s just as bad as Obama”.  He’s not.  No one is as bad as Obama.  No one else is 100% dedicated to the “fundamental transformation of America”.

Don’t be an unofficial member of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), spouting misinformation.

Straight from the mouth of OWS during the DNC: “We really see both parties present the same interests.” Bob Carroll, OWS member.

Why wasn’t OWS protesting outside the DNC?

Because they were inside in the persons of Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren and other Dems purporting to advocate for middle and working class Americans against Wall Street and the power Poohbahs. 

Going to ground includes being grateful that none of the losers out there chirping: “I’m staying home and not voting for any candidate this election” are not your neighbours.  They are the ones who would not lift a finger to help you keep your children safe, should anarchists make it into your backyard.

We’re down to a life and death situation.  If Obama wins re-election by whichever means, it’s the certain death of America.

Rule Number One: When it comes to Obama and his czars, it’s not what you see that matters but what they are hiding out of sight.  That and preparing for what is certain to be the rocky road ahead should be your biggest worry.

Where are OWS, the Ruckus Society and all of last year’s loud malcontents?

Protesters were not a commanding presence at either the DNC or RNC.

Are they already in training for the protest that counts; the one being manufactured to bring on insurrection? 

Most vital for you and your family.  Going to ground means accepting the possibility that Obama will be re-elected and preparing yourself to somehow survive another four years of his Marxist tyranny.

This is not politics as usual.  This is no ordinary election.  This is survival.

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