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Trump is right. First, let's secure the border

Trump Is Right On Immigration

By —— Bio and Archives--July 12, 2015

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Donald Trump is making a lot of noise, and as a Presidential candidate, he’s on the rise.  But, candidates that spark interest early in presidential campaigns never last in the upper atmosphere, and always come hurdling earthward once the real business of campaigning leaps into full swing.  However, Trump’s noise should not be ignored.  He is gaining this political popularity because of his stance on illegal immigration, and despite corporations running away from him, right-of-center voters are flocking to him.

The fascinating part of all of this is that the media’s reporting of all of this also reveals where they stand.  When Trump said he believed criminals and rapists are crossing the border, which statistically is a valid observation, the leftist media proclaimed he was being racist and was calling all immigrants criminals and racists.  So, when speaking to thousands in Arizona Mr. Trump inserted, “I love the Mexican people. I love `em. Many, many people from Mexico are legal. They came in the old-fashioned way. Legally,” the media treated it as if Trump was flip-flopping.

Trump makes a valid point, though he may not be articulating it properly, and the media is definitely not going to report what The Donald is trying to say accurately.

Immigration is a wonderful thing.  This nation was built on immigration.  When the hard-working masses sought to come to this country, American Liberty welcomed them with open arms, with the requirement that these folks go through a screening process so that we could weed out and reject those that would not be a positive influence on American Society.  The diseased, criminal element, and those that may represent a segment of people who view the United States as an enemy, were not let in.  Otherwise, after the processing, and the immigrant covering the cost of that processing, the new arrival was welcomed into America.

My father in law went through the process.  He paid the money, and worked hard to get here.  He came to give his family a better life.  My wife was born in Mexico, and came with her parents to the United States as a child.  She appreciates being an American, and she refuses to call herself “Mexican-American.”  As her dad says, “I didn’t come here to be Mexican. I came here to be American.  If Mexico was a better place, I would have stayed there.”

Illegal Immigration has become big business for some.  Mexican political leadership is fine with it, and encourages it, because the lower classes are coming to America (which rids Mexico largely of these undesirables), and then once they are here they send American money home, which is good for the economy of their home country.  However, there is another motive, as well.  An invasive motive.  For some, the Southwest United States is seen as “stolen land,” and they are coming to take back that part of the U.S. for Mexico.  In other cases, there are opportunists, the criminal element that seeks to use their illegal immigration as a means to further their criminal activity.  Potential terrorists are also among the illegals crossing the border.  Before the South Americans spiked the illegal alien numbers, according to a printed report I saw a decade ago, one in three illegal aliens crossing at San Ysidro were of Middle Eastern descent.

Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare

The Murrieta protests in July of 2014 also exposed the reality of the diseases crossing the border to the attention of the American People

The Murrieta protests in July of 2014 also exposed the reality of the diseases crossing the border to the attention of the American People.  Border Patrol agents are being diagnosed with tuberculosis.  Every illegal alien on the buses we turned around were sick with something, be it scabies, chagos, TB, or hand-foot-and-mouth-disease.  The measles scare that emerged at Disneyland is believed by many to have been brought by illegal immigrants.

Also, during the Murrieta protests, we learned that one in three girls are raped during the trip to the United States, and one in seven little boys are molested.

The trail of trash that follows illegals to the United States also reveals the mentality of these “immigrants.”

The reality is, though I love immigration, there are some people we do not want in our country, and the way to weed out those people is to ensure all immigrants that come are properly screened.  It is necessary to protect the receiving population.  Besides, we have to cap the number of entrants, anyway.  Otherwise, the pure numbers will overwhelm the system, and will put us into the same financial ruin we are seeing south of the border.

I believe most Americans recognize this reality, and immigration is a winning issue for Republicans if they would just stand firm on a conservative viewpoint of the issue.  That’s why Trump is currently rising in popularity on the political front.  People agree with what he is saying about illegal immigration, and they are jazzed that somebody, finally, is being honest on the issue.  Rubio has no shot to win the presidency largely because of his participation in the Gang of Eight, where Rubio took a wishy-washy stance on the issue.  That is where Jeb Bush will stumble, as well (or at least I hope he does), as he continues to call for amnesty.  Americans recognize the danger we face as a nation if we continue to let these illegal aliens continue to flood out lands.  For the sake of America, for immigration reasons, and for National Security reasons, we must secure the border.

As for all of the illegal aliens already in the country, let’s stop the bleeding first, and enforce our laws that are already on the books.  Then, after a large number of them self-deport, we’ll figure out what to do with the numbers that remain.  But that needs to be the least of our concerns, in the beginning.  Trump is right.  First, let’s secure the border.

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Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary, has been featured on “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Channel, and other television shows and networks.  Doug is a Radio Host on KMET 1490-AM on Saturdays with his Constitution Radio program, as well as a longtime podcaster, conservative political activist, writer and commentator.  Doug can be reached at douglasvgibbs [at] or constitutionspeaker [at]

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