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legalistic process of eliminating the rights of law-abiding US citizens

Tyranny Watch:  Obama Begins Process to Remove US Citizens’ Rights

By —— Bio and Archives--April 26, 2009

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While Barack Obama continues to protect and expand the rights of detained terrorist Islamist enemies of the USA, he has quickly begun the legalistic process of eliminating the rights of law-abiding US citizens.  Note:  This is but another phase of Obama turning the once US Republic into his own totalitarian state.

Obama officially began his policy with a report—written and implemented by the Department of Homeland Security—that labels and classifies all US citizens who oppose him, voted or plan to vote for 3rd party candidates, display bumper stickers recommending said 3rd party candidates or are pro-life (therefore anti-abortion) as “right-wing extremists.”  This is only one of an ever-increasing number of Obama attacks against the First Amendment.  Obama’s DHS Chief Napolitano has notified state and federal police forces that these individuals are to be monitored closely.  In fact, the Obama Administration’s intrigues against US citizens are becoming so egregious that even the left-leaning media outlet Associated Press is reporting on his latest attempt to undermine any remaining liberties in America.  The AP’s Mark Sherman writes in his article “Obama legal team wants defendants’ rights limited”:  “The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant’s lawyer is present, another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights.”  The deletion of all Miranda rights in select cases (one suspects the select cases will be the legal persecution of conservatives and libertarians) will be next.

Through his anti-Second Amendment US Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama is working toward limiting individuals’ ownership of guns and making ammunition almost impossible to obtain.  Holder’s secret “watch lists” ostensibly contain the names of the Obama opposition members and they would be denied legal gun ownership.  Holder is also calling for severe restrictions on the sale and tracking of guns and ammunition.  “Micro-stamping” of new guns sold is to begin implementation in California in 2010.  Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb said:  “Eric Holder signed an amicus brief in the Heller case that supported the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, and also argued that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual right.”  Attorney General Despite any and all of his verbiage to the contrary, Holder’s actions state loudly that he does not believe private citizens have to right to own guns.  Apparently, he believes only governments should own them—a belief held by each and every tyrant and tyrant-supporter on the planet.

The countdown to the end of our nation as a democratic republic and its reestablishment and reemergence as a totalitarian state controlled and run by the Communo-Fascist elite is underway.  Is the dismantling of the USA’s freedoms and liberties into despotic and tyrannical suppression the “change” for which you voted?  Is this the “change you have been waiting for?”

Obama on his way toward removing Miranda Rights (AP article)
Holder wants rigorous restrictions on private gun ownership
Holder wants rigorous restrictions on private gun ownership More…
Ammunition in high demand:
Micro-stamping to create prohibitive costs:
No Bullets, No Shooting:

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